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How good to cell phones work inside Cedar Point? I know it'll differ from your provider, I have AT&T.
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AT&T phones (and most other carriers) work well on the peninsula. You should have no problems anywhere.

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Smart move. I took walkie talkies once and its impossable to use them. I'd recommend a Cell Phone or a nextel two-radio service if you plan on staying in contact with someone else.
Actually, the FRS "walkie-talkie" radios aren't a bad option at all. BUT you absolutely MUST get the ones that have the 38 sub-channels. Just make sure that all members of your party know which frequency you're using. It also would also be a good idea to have a backup frequency in the unlikely event that someone is using yours (there are 532 possible sub-channels)

On the 14-channel radios without sub-channels, you hear every one of sub-channels - so I would agree with the assessment that THEY are difficult to use.

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My friend has AT&T and yesterday she had no service whatsoever at the park. Once we got to the causeway she had service again.

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I have had problems with Sprint PCS in the park. Areas by Magnum seem to go in to roaming, and Soak City and Frontier Town are REALLY bad.

Verizon seemed to work fine all over.

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I don't know about cell phones but Walkie talkies are terrable.
If my memory serves me well, I believe Alltel works well at the Point, but I honestly can't remember..
I have Verizon and I haven't had any problems.


Just like Dan, i have a verizon Cell phone, other than that my phone is a piece of crap, i haven't had any roaming, or service problems, if that helps anybit.
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Sprint is really strong everywhere but near Magnum and in the Soak City lot. It's weird and I can't explain it.

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Nextel unfortudently worked well since my dad had to take calls from work by hotel breakers :P
I have Cellone service and Verizon service and have not had a problem with either one.

Also, use the the Motorola walkie-talkies with the sub channels as previously stated. They work very well.

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I have a Cingular phone, and for some reason I couldn't hear the calls when I was at the park. I always frequently open my phone to see if anyone called, and usually no one called, but at the park, I just didn't hear it. I had no problem making outgoing calls though.

It's possible that it was the noise that prevented me from hearing it though.

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Sprint seemed to be better this year than last year,I rub it in where im at on yahoo messenger to a few friends when in longer lines,dragster last year wasnt good, this year sitting on the ground even had a good signal. i forget if i noticed if it was better in back of the park though opening weekend.
My verizon works fine all over the park even in the dorms. My fiancee's Nextel gets terrible service at CP but the situation is vise-versa here in MI.
My verizon worked fine until it decided it wanted its own airtime on Magnum...
Verizon works fine for me except around Magnum/Soak City.


I'll second the Verizon comments.

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