Celebrate 150 Parade / Spectacular!

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Ok…I’m not much of a parade person, and wasn’t expecting a whole lot. I guessed it would be something similar to the level of Halloweekends parades (basically something fun to look at , but nothing really to wow at). I also didn’t expect the 150th parade to be able match the vision shown in the promo art.

I was way wrong, it was a spectacle which blew away my expectations. This was a Disney level show, if not more.

The float details are incredible, much more than the promo art even could show. The performer costumes are at that same level with the quality and detail you’d expect from a Broadway show, not a seasonal amusement park.

The performers themselves are enthusiastic and interactive with the crowd. They do acrobatics , music numbers , dances, etc. At about the halfway point (Johnny Rockets) they stop and do a multi song musical basically. Botton line this is the best show I’ve ever seen Cedar Point put on.

If you are at the park near close, don’t miss it. Below is a video , right after they did the music numbers and started moving again. Will give you an idea of the floats and performers.

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I watched some streams last night and some recordings this morning and I agree. I'm usually not big into parades or Live E in general, but what a great show they put on! It's at least triple as large as anything I've ever seen at CP including Luminosity and the Monster Midway parades. Really hit me in the feels and that damn song is already stuck on repeat in my head. Can't wait to go see it live!


I still remember Jason sounding over the moon for how great it was going to be when he described it back at Chill Out in February of last year. I worried that when we ended up missing it in 2020 and then with the budget issues that it wouldn't end up being the vision they had for it. Sounds like it is awesome and I can't wait to see it myself in a couple of weeks.

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thanks for sharing the video !

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I will concur with OP, saw show last night and it was great!. Wife and I loved it. Huge production. As my other post about the new boat ride suggested it appears the new leadership is moving towards more Disney-like entertainment. Trying to expand the scope of Cedar Point. Is this just an anniversary show or will this continue as a nighttime show into the future?

At the CoasterMania Q&A it was mentioned that they hope to keep the parade beyond this year after investing so much in the production of the floats, so we'll likely see some sort of nighttime show in future seasons beyond the anniversary celebration.

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I'd bet it goes to KI for next year...

I'm also wowed by the attention to detail and that talent of the performers. I do think someone needs to tell the blue shirts to not look so bored, though.

Why do they need guiders directing the drivers at the front of the floats if the drivers can see where they're going?

I hope the maintenance is kept up on the floats, too. There's a lot of light bulbs to go out, and gingerbread to come loose.

They have those for parades at the Orlando parks as well. With park guests lining the parade route and potential for blocked lines of vision it's just an added layer of safety.

Agree completely! They spent a lot of time and money on making this parade AMAZING, and they succeeded in a huge way! The floats were top notch quality, they definitely are on the quality level of WDW. The pinnacle show on the stage was great, and did a good job of telling park history. A must see in my opinion.

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