Cedar Point/breakers 15th-19th May

Hi all,

Coming from Australia and planning on staying the above dates.

Can anybody tell me what the weather generally does at this time of year? Specifically rain fall. What are the chances it rains for 4 days straight?

Also ive read in other places about bugs? Can anyone tell me about these?.

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to PointBuzz Buckd1ch. The weather here in Northern Ohio in early May can vary widely in both temps and precipitation. The normal highs in Mid May are in the mid 60's but we can still experience highs only in the 40's or it can be hot with highs pushing 90. Spring can be wet with steady rain but having all day rains 4 straight days are uncommon. There should be plenty of dry time even if we get stuck in a wet pattern. If it does rain, its a great opportunity to explore and take in other parts of park, or get a day pass and go to Castaway Bay.

As far as bugs, we are along the lake so there will be some bugs, but coming in Mid May, the pesky muffleheads shouldn't be to much of an issue yet. Its not until late May into June that they become annoying.

If you have time on your trip, you should experience the Lake Erie Islands. There is a ferry that leaves from Sandusky and its a great trip, plus you can see Cedar Point from the water which is a great sight to see. During the summer, a ferry actually leaves from Cedar Point to the islands, but you will be here too early for that so the Jackson Street Pier is where you would want to catch the ferry.

Usually this time of year is not too much rainfall, and around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it's too early in the season for the bugs.

Buckd1ch -

Thank you guys. Much appreciated. This trip has been a long time coming and im looking forward to riding all the coasters CP has to offer!.
I dont care if its only 30 farenheit just keep the rain away ;)

XS NightClub -

You will be there during Math & Science Week at the park. There will be a lot of school busses early morning Til early afternoon. After the kids leave the place should be pretty empty. Enjoy the Rollercoast!

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