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I live in Orlando Florida about 20 minutes from Disney, when my twins were little we were annual passholders. Now that they are getting bigger they want to celebrate their 13th birthday at Cedar Point. Here it is fairly common for people to create custom t-shirts for their Disney Trips. Do people do matching or celebration T-shirts at Cedar Point?

I would like to order some official Cedar Point T-shirts and then have #13 printed on the back but I can't find any where to order them in advance on-line. I've checked Cedar Point.com, Etsy, Amazon, Cafe Press...nothing meets my needs.

Does anyone know if you can get Cedar Point Logo'ed T-shirts anywhere but Cedar Point?


Shane Denmark -

Contact the park. I bet they would accommodate you. There is a contact form on the website. But you’d have to know what you’re looking for.

Another option would be to find a local here on PointBuzz who is at the park all the time. They could shop for you via FaceTime (or whatever the non-Apple version is called), you pay them via PayPal, and they send you the shirts. You modify them as you see fit and you’re good to go.

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I did a bit of digging myself, and it seems like finding Cedar Point logo tees online is a bit of a challenge. Trust me, I've scoured through Cedar Point's website, Etsy, Amazon, you name it. Nada. It's frustrating when you have this awesome idea in mind and can't find the right gear to match.
But hey, don't give up hope just yet! Sometimes the best finds are right under our noses. Have you tried reaching out to Cedar Point directly? They might have some insider info or be able to point you in the right direction.
And speaking of direction, online shopping is my go-to too. Just recently, I scored some seriously cool work shirts that way. It's all about convenience and finding those hidden gems.

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I know this changed during the 2020 season and it may already be known but I wanted to share it just in case. The link isn't obvious or easy to access from the main page for some odd reason, at least I don't think it's well designed.

The park does have an online store again with an apparel section. https://cedarpointonlineshop.com/collections/apparel

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Cedar Point does not sell merchandise on-line. For you to find a Cedar Point shirt, you would need to (1) make your own; (2) find a 3d party who doesn't give a "rat''s ass" about licensing and trademark law; or (3) find someone who can purchase the shirts at the park and mail them to you. Why Cedar Fair does not have an online merchandising presence is a question I'm not smart enough to answer.

Sollybeast -

They used to. They sold apparel but also neat stuff like old park-used banners and model coaster trains. I guess it wasn't used enough to keep operating, but I miss it. :C

LinnZodd -

My most prized possession is a piece of apparel. A thin white cotton shirt is now commonly worn under a shirt to keep it from getting filthy as quickly.

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