Cedar Point Storm warning sound

I've visited Cedar Point the first the a few days ago. Later that day it started raining quite hard. At one point there was a loud announcement that we should seek shelter because of a storm coming by. Before this announcement there was a kind of alarm sound to get everyone's attention. It wasn't a regular alarm, it sounded very unique and almost funny. I tried finding it on YouTube but without success. Has anyone else ever heard this and does someone maybe have the sound file?

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They have had this for quite some time at the park, and it certainly does the job of getting one's attention.

Funny, I found it pretty quickly.

Promoter of fog.

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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Promoter of fog.

I believe this is what you are looking for. This is from 2012 if that tells you how long it's been around.

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I believe the alert system was put in place for the 2012 season, which to my knowledge is when they…

  1. Renovated/Replaced most of the P.A. system in the park to be digital.
  2. Became a NWS “StormReady” Community.

Wow you actualy found it! Yes, thats the sound i mean. Thanks a lot!

Shame there isn't a higher quality version of it. If anyone finds it, please lmk. I wanna put this as my ringtone lmao.

Someone here did all the work for Lionel and look- he still ain’t happy.


  • Renovated/Replaced most of the P.A. system in the park to be digital.

The park's PA infrastructure is amazing now. I remember a presentation at one of the winter chill-outs a few years ago where they talked about it. Everything's interconnected now to the point they could theoretically route the Gemini platform spieler to the main midway, or Gatekeeper lift hill for that matter. Pretty sweet setup.

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I think this was the same day I was at the park (didn't hear the announcement), as it was raining off and on, then finally decided to leave early after seeing the storm on its way.

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