Cedar Point Sports Complex

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I think it would work best if there is a hotel and the cost to run the ferry boat is built in the room rates. There used to be a route that ran from Sandusky and was discontinued due to decline in customers willing to pay for the service.

yesterday was the groundbreaking ceremony for the new sports complex, and I happened to get an opportunity to work with the crew getting drone and ground footage of the event. it was the same guy who did the official Valravn drone footage. it was an awesome, but extremely cold, event to get to be a small part of. I got to briefly meet some top brass of Cedar Fair and Sports Force. Matt Ouimet approached us and shook our hands, and he commented on my Valravn toboggan. Duff Milkie Executive VP was a really cool guy. We interviewed him, Tony, and a couple people from Sports Force including the President and CEO.

I think this sports complex is going to be a very big deal and an awesome tourism opportunity for all of Northern Ohio and specifically Erie County.

Are there examples of these things being popular or successful elsewhere? I don't see the value in this project.

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Extremely successful elsewhere, it is the big leagues for the soccer moms.

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This project will be a hit for the park. What better way to attract guests to the park? Plus, Cedar Point will probably make a great deal of revenue from this, with a portion most likely going into capital improvements.

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Wonder why they aren't putting in football fields too

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Many of these local sports complexes find themselves hosts to massive soccer, baseball, and softball tournaments. I could even see them painting a gridiron on a few of the soccer fields and hosting little league football games. All of the fields (I believe) are going to be field turf, which will require low maintenance. What youth/middle school/high school sports team wouldn't want to compete within 5 mins of (what I still consider to be) the World's Best Amusement park! I think it's an incredible idea for CP.

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I want a construction cam! ;)

love the idea...........but as long as it DOESN'T affect CP admissions, then bring on the soccer moms! :)

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I think CF is only owner in the property itself, someone else will be operating the sports facility. It really doesn't have any other association with the park other than name recognition.

There is a camera pointing towards the middle. It's on a pole next to the job trailer.


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Cedar Point Park, LLC owns these parcels and paid about $3.5 million for:

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Does that include the hotel that was started 17 years ago and never finished?

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Yes it does. I wondered what that structure was. Looks like this sale was finalized this past Friday (4/15) for $300,000 whereas the other parcels were purchased last fall. Wonder if CP is keeping this one for themselves to rebuild/finish the hotel.

Edit: Here's a link to the parcel: http://erie.iviewauditor.com/Data.aspx?ParcelID=32-02214.000

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I wouldn't think that it would be a usable structure after 17 years of nature having its way with it. It's an eyesore, that's for sure.

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Are you talking about this building here? I thought it was some type of garages.

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what is that box by mf

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Yes, that building Thabto. The garages are actually the shells of hotel rooms. The structure had a second floor once, they removed the second floor and other parts of the structure but left what you see standing. Very curious why the entire thing wasn't raised at that point.

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I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

I always wondered what that was...


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