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Went to Cedar Point Shores last Friday for the first time this season (thanks mother nature!!). We love this water park, we live in Columbus and have the choice of Soak City at Kings Island or Cedar Point Shores and we love going to the shores.

My rub is the new bag policy that they are strictly enforcing now. If you have a beach bag or any bag with wheels you are not allowed to bring them into the park. What is frustrating about this policy is there was ZERO communication of this especially to season pass members which we have been for years now. The security person took one look at our bag and at first said "you cannot bring that cooler in here". We replied "this is not a cooler but a beach bag with towels and our sunscreen in it." Told them they are more than welcome to search the bag to verify that we had nothing in there that was not permitted in the park. The security person nastily said "does not matter it has wheels and is not allowed in here". So back tot he car we went and had to hand carry all the loose items into the park which was a pain.

To me this is a stupid policy, coolers I understand even though I may not agree with since they over charge for food in the park ($9 for a 6" long sub at Subway!) but that policy has been there for years and I understand where they are coming from with that.

We were't the only ones that were turned away, a lot of people were and they were all just as pissed as we were. What's next? You can't bring your own sunscreen in? I see no harm in bringing in a bag with wheels in, they can search it all they want, I've got nothing to hide and I am not "sneaking" in contraband. With a family of 5 you have quit a bit of stuff to lug into the park.

Last, smokers...We were sitting in an area over by the pool that has the leap frog pads and such and smelled cigarette smoke, we turned around and noticed a women just puffing away. We were down stream so we got the blunt of it. We told a lifeguard and they sent a supervisor over to tell her to put it out or go over to the designated smoking section outside the bathrooms. She put the cigarette out but not more that 30 minutes later lit another cancer stick up and started puffing away. We notified the guard again and they sent a supervisor over again to tell her to cut it out. To me I think the policy should be you get warned once if we have to tell you again you will be escorted out of the park. I mean come on you are a grown adult and need to follow the rules put in place. Everyone should not have to smell your stink of the cancer stick you juts can't put down. Have some consideration of others.

That was my latest experience, love Cedar Point Shores, Cedar Point does a nice job keeping it pristine, to me it's one of the best water parks around, just has a policy or two that need to be addressed.

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Staaber said:

...they over charge for food in the park ($9 for a 6" long sub at Subway!)...

Last week for lunch I fed my family of four with a pretty tasty pulled pork sandwich with potato wedges and two slices of pizza at Crystal Rock Cafe for something in the neighborhood of $25. Is it more than I'd pay outside the park? Sure, but the portion sizes were pretty impressive so the value wasn't terrible.


Dang! Guess I need to shop around more! That isn't too bad, but Subway 6" sub for $9 is robbery!

I did buy 4 bags of chips for $14!! I need to shop around!

djDaemon said:

Last week for lunch I fed my family of four with a pretty tasty pulled pork sandwich with potato wedges and two slices of pizza at Crystal Rock Cafe for something in the neighborhood of $25.

Enjoy it while you can dj - it won't be long and you'll be lucky that the meal that fed four of you will be enough to feed one teenager.

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I don't doubt that, considering what they can put down already.


I understand frustrations, but why every time something doesn’t go somebody’s way, they have to bring up the fact that they’re season pass holders for x amount of years. Does that make your value and worth more than somebody who buys a 1 day ticket? Does that make you think that YOU should be allowed to bring in your big old obnoxious rolling suit case you call a “beach bag” but others who paid the gate price shouldn’t be allowed to? And you’ll find that kind of entitlement all over FB 🙄 Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine.

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I think being season passholder for X number of years points out that they have been doing something a certain way for years so they know it was previously allowed and that since we get tons of emails from the park anyway as passholders a heads up that they have changed a rule that may affect how we plan our day would be a good idea. Would have cost the park nothing and avoided the issue for lots of people. Nothing to do with feeling entitled to have a different bag than a one day guest.

I don't understand why wheels on a bag are an issue. We have to bring our clothing and towels into the park why make it more difficult for people who may have a hard time carrying it all? I've never used a wheeled bag in the park but I have thought about doing it.

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^^ As a passholder (PLATINUM!) for the last 7 years, I take offense! 😜

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As a platinum pass holder for 8 years, I’m willing to accept change made by higher ups when necessary. Perhaps they’ll go the Disney way and finally ban double wide strollers as well. I’m tired of people hogging up the entire area as they walk down the center of the midway with their luxurious stroller.

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Hopefully they also ban groups of 4+ who feel compelled to walk 4+ wide down the midway as well.


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include basketballs to the ban list.

^ ^ I could not log in fast enough to Vote Up this comment.

The basketballs have ALWAYS been a pain, esp when they decide to pass it back and forth across a midway. Its a crowded, busy amusement park midway, not a b-ball court.

I Vote for UNDERdeflated basketballs!

A few years ago some kids were passing a basketball back and forth and it hit a man in his 50's. He picked it up and hit it back in their direction. He hit it high enough and long enough to put it over the Gemini fence. I like his solution.

Smoking is so taboo. I don’t smoke and it offends even me when humans get in this “cancer stick” hate wagon. ... The smell of a cigarette burning, outside, so epically offensive lol. I highly recommend you not walk around the streets and parks of Toronto.

"I mean come on you are a grown adult and need to follow the rules put in place.".. ....
Unless they directory affect you......and your a seasoned pass holder.

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^^It is offensive when the person is doing it outside of the designated smoking areas, and they're in direct proximity to you. Not sure if you're aware, but second-hand smoke is still pretty bad for you. I still think that most people adhere to the policy while at the park, so normally it's not a big issue in my mind. Staaber was just unfortunate to be exposed to someone who decided to break the rules.

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^Dvo, 4:09am? You must have had a great 4th of July. (I hope)

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He was probably still in line waiting to get out of the parking lot after the fireworks.

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DSShives said:
He was probably still in line waiting to get out of the parking lot after the fireworks.

Lol, I know this was a joke, but not this year. I was hanging out with my brother over by the most expensive Subway on Earth, until 1:15 AM, and when we got to the front parking lot there were no more than a couple of dozen cars remaining in the entire guest lot.

The park was pretty much emptied out by 12:15.

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^^^I did have a great 4th of July, thanks.. Haha. But as it were, I celebrated overseas this year in Europe. Not sure if that's more or less exciting than partying until 4 am U.S. time.

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