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I was at the park yesterday 8/26/2021 and must give a huge shout out to the CP security team. Was in line for Maverick and had a bunch of people (7 to be exact) decide that they wanted to "cut the line" so they could join up with "their friends". Don't get me wrong I have no issue when it is one person that maybe had to use the restroom or something similar skip ahead to meet up with family but seven (7) people come on. So I flagged down a CP employee working the ride and pointed it out. the contacted security and they came and took care of the situation. I confronted these line jumpers and they said we "need to catch up with our friends" who mind you were all the way at the top of the stairs. I told them " call your friends and tell them to wait till you get to the top of the stairs then". CP security handled it and escorted them from the ride. Tip of the hat to CP security following the rules they set in place. Needless to say others around me were happy I spoke up.

Good for you! Most people don't say anything to anyone, including the line cutters. Did you notice it's always, "We need to catch up with our friends" and never "Our friends need to wait for us"?

Gold star for you!

Sad thing is most people won't speak up afraid to in this day and age. To afraid of being attacked but was very happy to see security stick by their rules and handle the situation.

You said it exactly, how about call your friends and tell them to wait for you at the top of the stairs!

We all hate waiting in lines but it's part of it!

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Security did a great job yesterday, fast action removing a guest from the park after being informed they had managed to sneak a weapon into the park.

What kind of weapon? Do you know?

I think most people keep their mouths shut about line jumpers because of the high probably that they, or their friends, will be waiting for you at the exit of the ride. There's only one way to get out from any ride so there would be no way to avoid them.

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I made it so that it's actually harder to unnecessarily quote the previous post, and people still quote the previous post. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Maybe their account should be suspended for a week or two.

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I noticed kings island had a heavy security presence last weekend. Due to the fights and chaperone policy of course. I also saw them checking IDs for the younger crowd. I’m happy to see the parks taking some measures to enforce their rules otherwise it becomes pointless to even say anything.

I take up a lot of queue space (and space in general) so I usually just stand in the way and refuse to allow them to pass when they tell me they’re cutting me to join their group.

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It was a taser. Probably one of the cheap ones you can get off amazon but still highly inappropriate to have in the park.

Sorry. Fixed it.

I saw a couple guys get cuffed by police yesterday in Frontiertown in front of Town Hall while eating at Farm House. I do not know what they did to warrant that, but not something you see everyday at CP.


Yesterday, while eating at Farm House, I saw a couple of guys get cuffed by police in front of Town Hall.

Thanks for the grammar correction.


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Was it not part of the steel vengeance or snake river feud? I can’t keep track.

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Sandusky police bodycam

instead of posting a new thread I’ll leave this here. Keep your hands inside the train and inside your own space.

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Those CP security guys look like a couple of tough customers, don’t they?

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That there Clark is an RV.....

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