Cedar Point May 7 Pictures

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I was out at the Point yesterday and took a lot of great pictures. I thought those of you who are in mega coaster-crave mode might enjoy them, so I threw them up on CoasterBuzz.

Check them out here: http://coasterbuzz.com/Forums/Thread/58764.aspx

There's a little bit of everything there, from WindSeeker, to Mean Streak, from Ocean Motion to Gemini, and from coaster trains to Millennium Force, I'm sure you find at least a few that you like. Enjoy!

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Great shots! Starting to feel like a kid with Christmas approaching...and this was like getting a sneak-peak at all the presents! :)

I'm wondering now, though, if Ocean Motion will even be ready for opening day. Seems to be a lot to do in one week.

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I didn't see any reason why it shouldn't be ready. The whole ride is constructed, and now they're just wrapping up the theming and the queue, which can easily get done in a week. I wouldn't worry.

Great shots. Thank you for posting. I'm confused with MF though. Here we are less than a week from opening day, and it's only partially painted??? What is done looks incredible, but the lift hill being partially painted (for example) looks odd. With the rain we've had this spring, I wonder if they are going to complete it in the next offseason?

If they leave it painted part way up the lift that will look very odd....

Is that the original color? I guess I have gotten so used to the faded/chalked blue that I don't remember it being that vivid. Looks great.

Plus, the first overbank turn supports have more rust than paint showing - it looks embarrassing. I'm surprised they didn't just go and finish the first hill and turn yet. Must not be in the budget! ha.

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If they are not going to finish it this year, they shouldn't have even started it. Half of the lift hill, come on, thats going to look great on the frontier trail as people look up at it. They should have been on it the day after the park closed before the weather turned.

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It's practically impossible to paint an entire 5,000+ foot coaster in one off season, especially where CP is located. Magnum wasn't painted in one off season, and MF will take at least one off season as well.

That said, it does seem strange that they didn't do the "front of house" track all at once, and save the rest for next winter.


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^I was under the impression that the "mainland" portion of MF (end of tunnel 2 from beginning of tunnel 1) was going to be painted this offseason, while the "island" portion of the ride would then be painted this offseason. That seemed like a relevant rumor, and a sensible way to divide up the job, however it seems that this is not the case.

I'll be very interested to see what the GP thinks about this. I can't wait to hear what they say about it, I can only imagine. :)

I can't believe they didn't get anywhere with the paint job! I do remember in 2006 (I think), Geauga Lake was painting their Thunderhawk (the ugly orange and yellow) and it wasn't finished by opening day with white primer on some parts of the track. It took them maybe a few days to a week to finish painting the rest of it. I wonder if that's possible for MF's sake.

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Shades said:
Is that the original color? I guess I have gotten so used to the faded/chalked blue that I don't remember it being that vivid. Looks great.

It was fairly vivid when it was new. I remember when we first spotted track in what was then the boneyard (now Lighthouse Point), a section of station track, it looked almost purple.

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With the Weather Ohio has experienced this Off-season, it isn't a surprise that they didn't get far with the paint job. Hopefully next off-season gives the crew more time to get more done.

You also have to keep in mind that the decision to paint may not have been approved until late November/early December, which is typically when budgets are finalized. Anyone know when they started?

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Paint started a few days before April.

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Once the paint is on, I wonder how long it takes to dry? or how long before u can even test the ride...

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^While I didn't see live testing occurring, I can confirm that all of the trains were on the track, and not only that, but the red train had water dummies riding, so I think it's safe to say that it has been testing and is currently testing. One of the pictures has evidence of that as well, if you'd like to check it out.

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^^It depends on what kind of paint and the weather conditions. The warmer and sunnier it is outside, the quicker paint will cure. I'm no industrial painter but I think it's safe to test within a matter of days if the weather and temps hold.

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I believe they are going to be continuing the paint job throughout this season, perhaps not finishing until next offseason though

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Cant really paint during regular operations. :)

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