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Pre-orders for Rolling Through The Years: A Cedar Point Atlas & Chronology have begun. The nearly 400-page, 12" by 18" hardcover book features 1,200 images, including 75 maps. It will be a must-buy for any Cedar Point fan.


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Seems like it would be a great holiday gift idea. Though it won't be available until 2020.

And should this be posted in the When should we be expecting thread? LOL

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As a heads up, the pre-orders will be specially bound, signed and numbered and available for pickup at Winter Chill Out (or shipped right after). The regular edition will be available in March.

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I am looking forward to this book. Ken is a great guy, very knowledgeable on the park, good for him. $133 well spent.

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Thank you Ken for devoting yourself to this, I too am looking forward to purchasing it. Great that it is available for the 150th year of CP.

I might also add there was tons of research put in to fix alot of wrong dates when attractions were introduced at the park (especially from the 1960s & 70s time period) from other websites and books published in the past.

I personally lent some photos (from my family archives) of some long forgotten attractions, that will be inside this book, many of which have never been published in a book format before! It's a must have historically , if not just for some of the photos and background information alone. Good luck Ken!


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Just bumping this topic to remind you that you will want to buy this book. We're excited about Ken's project and happy to encourage every Cedar Point fan to purchase it.


Walt Schmidt - Co-Publisher, PointBuzz
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Home to the Biggest Fans of the World's Best Amusement Park

I am interested in purchasing, but I am a little confused as to the difference between the special edition and the regular edition. What exactly does "specially bound" mean? What will the normal edition be priced at?

Both editions are hard cover, the special edition is a different cover designed by the Cedar Point graphics team. Limited to 1000 copies, signed and numbered. Both editions are the same price because the printing costs are the same. The limited edition is free shipping.

I hope this book has a picture of The Circus bar that was located right off the covered walk way from the hotel.I think it was originally called the Tavern Terrace in the 1930's.I remember it well in the 1960's i was allowed to go there with my parents while staying at Breakers and they had a great band playing.Wish i could find a picture of the place.

I was disappointed not to see any of those photos. As good as the book is (and it IS good), there is too much space given to very recent history.

Are you talking about Rolling Through the Years? Because that’s what this 2019 thread was about. It literally covers every single season. If there’s anything lacking it’s because it just doesn’t exist. Between the author, historians, volunteers, and the park, I believe all resources were pretty much exhausted.

Just a guess, but perhaps your concern is over CP’s 150 Years: The Fun is Just Beginning book. It wasn’t meant to be a comprehensive history and it does lean toward more current subjects.

I want one.

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They are both excellent books, for different reasons. Ken’s book is absolutely phenomenal, and I love just opening it to a random page and learning something new. The 150 book is eye candy, and has some really nice photos and is like a big brochure for the 150th, in a good way.

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