Cedar Point from Johnson's Island

Do you guys remember being able to see Cedar Point, mainly Frontier Town, from the Confederate Cemetery on Johnson's Island? That view is gone with the formation of that sand bar or whatever it is. Those trees were not there before.

But I tend to stay away from anything Confederate.

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Maybe try going to the park for a change instead of just looking at it all the time.

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I no longer live in the shadow of The Space Spiral. Getting up there and home is an all-day adventure. I have the dog to take care of. I have no season pass since I can't get up there often. I can't just drop everything and go like others can. And for someone in my situation, rides being down is a big deal. Also, I literally have nobody to invite along.

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Shouldn’t that be just the opposite? I’d think it would be far less of a big deal if you never have plans to go. I mean, downtime isn’t about to affect your day or spoil any upcoming trip, right? So…

Maybe try joining in conversation rather than constantly trying to be a conversation starter as that clearly is not working so well.

And I’m sorry you’re not leading the Cedar Point life these days, but I’d bet truthfully most of us aren’t either.

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For someone that goes all the time, rides being down is not an issue. But, for someone that doesn't make it there often, it is a different story. I haven't been there in 7 yrs, so if I would go today and have many rides down, it would suck. I think those that have the option to go all the time take it for granted. I would kill to be there now! Hell, I haven't even been on a coaster in 7 yrs!

CoasterHawk, I, unfortunately, do not have an answer to your original question.

It's a shame that nobody else in this thread has an answer for you either, and instead is using a thread with a legitimate question to personally attack you instead.

I hope someone answers soon, and I hope anyone who doesn't want to interact with you simply... doesn't.

Hey, I answered and my answer was no. Well, “nope”, more accurately. Which was one of only two possible replies. Ok, there may be three if you count “yeah, vaguely” but no one is coming forward with that, either.
And my follow up, a direct response, was a suggestion and was not intended as an “attack”.

You have to say this close-ended question isn’t the best topic.
And I’m still wondering why those who haven’t been to the park in nearly a decade or why those who have no plans whatsoever of actually going are obsessing over ride closures from one hour to the next. It’s just not that interesting. And I totally get that those who are planning trips might have concern but admittedly that’s not the case. I think we all welcome a good conversation around here, but it’s a lot more interesting if the conversation is legit and has a chance of actually going someplace.
Let’s say I’d like to enter into discussions with guys about golf. But I’m not near a course, I don’t own clubs, and I don’t golf. So what’s my actual future with that? Maybe I should just read along until I have something relevant to say. I’d like to avoid looking like a troll or becoming tiresome to other users on the site.
Not trying to be mean. Sorry.

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RCMAC, do ya' need some golf clubs? My clubs are well used, but unfortunately not used well.

Nope. That was my dad and my brother. But not me.
So I’m staying off of PutterBuzz and Cedar Link’s webcam.

It does appear that this site is for those with season passes who live close enough that they can go pretty much whenever they want.

It also is very evident that this site is for those who believe that Cedar Point if flawless and can do no wrong. If you dissent from that stance, you are attacked.

It’s a fan site, so it stands to reason that it’s members/participants are people that go there and hold the place with some sort of regard.
And if you haven’t noticed that there are dissenting opinions around here you’re not paying attention or being selective. Not everyone here is a hardcore defender.
But don’t feel left out because you can’t go. I’m 3 hours away and I don’t make the trip as often as I used to or would like to. Gas is high and my time is short these days. KI is closer and I’ve also been there only once this season. I also wind up making 90% of my trips solo and while that has its advantages it also gets tiresome.
Please don’t take this as an attack, k?

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I haven't had a season pass in 3 years and I regularly criticize the park, so I don't think that's the problem...


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In 2020 I was able to take pictures of the park from Johnson's Island. There is a line of trees in the way but not so much that they hide everything. The pictures taken with the zoom lens definitely show more than I was able to see just looking across the water. That's the only time I've ever been there so I don't know what the view was in the past.

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I moved to Florida last fall so I'm not sure I'll even make it to the park at all this year. I mainly just come on here to see what's going on at my old home park. But I'm not staring at webcams all day and complaining stuff is down. With pretty much my whole immediate family having moved down here now, I'll have very few reasons to make Ohio trips other than to visit friends. I do have an Ohio trip planned for the end of this month but don't know if I'll make it to CP. Really hoping to go to KI for the 50th celebration. Even though you may not go to the park regularly, your concerns and complaints are still valid. But in OP's case who has no immediate plans to go, I don't see the point in complaining about stuff not being open. If he had an upcoming trip, then yeah, doing as much research as possible before making that one trip that may happen once every few years. If I do try to get to the park this year, I'm going to do all my research and make sure it's going to be worth spending the money to go. If it looks like a good chunk of the ride lineup will be down or there's been poor operations, then I might second guess making a visit since next time may be a long while. But for now, I'm enjoying my new home parks of Universal, Busch Gardens and Sea World which are only an hour away, BGT being the closest.

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So nice when your home park(s) don’t close for 8 months out of the year. Don’t have to spend the off season (read: most of the year) watching webcams for the slightest change. Enjoy the sunshine state and all the wonderful stuff it offers!!

We will be moving there as well, here from Wisconsin. Brrrrrr!!!

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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djDaemon said:

I haven't had a season pass in 3 years and I regularly criticize the park, so I don't think that's the problem...

Right? In fact, I think those of us who truly love the park are the ones that often criticize the loudest.

For example, where the %$^ is my perch?

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Thabto and XS Nightclub (soon), I am in the Florida club with y'all as well. We moved to the Panhandle area in May 2021. The nearest amusement park now is OWA in Foley AL 2 hours west and it's footprint would fit into the Wicked Twister plot. Hey, one could purchase a season pass for $75.00 if desired. I as well enjoy keeping up on Cedar Point happenings as I spent the first 60 years of my life in NE Ohio. I broke the 100 mark a couple times on number of visits to CP in a single season. Never made it to Johnson's Island.

There has plenty of advice for the OP regarding this topic and others that he or she has posted. I have none to offer as none of us really know their actual motivation for posting these queries. We could exercise an ounce of patience as there might possibly be a special need involved, or it could just be someone trying to get a rise out of the forum viewers. Either way, the posts don't bother me.

God knows, some of the comments I post on here are irritating to many.

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Jimmy, I just looked up that park you were talking about. It looks like a neat little park. I never even heard of it but it looks like a park I may have to check out one day. It's a 7.5 hour drive from Lakeland where I live so I don't think I'll be going there anytime soon. All the Tampa and Orlando parks are within an hour drive for me (on a good traffic day, which is by pure luck these days).

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Brian, in addition to a good selection of theme parks, you get the good fairs near you too. Florida State Fair Tampa, and the Strawberry Festival in Lakeland both have really great carnival midways and tons of food. Orlando hosts the Central Florida Fair, which I understand isn’t as good as it used to be. In the winter you can’t swing a cat without hitting a carnival set up somewhere.
I didn’t know you moved. Good luck.

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