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Haven't needed to use the CP dining plan yet, but have seen similar time-based systems in play both during undergrad and for the cafeterias at some of the places I've worked. IMO keeping track of the time between purchases is always something that's easier said than done, and indeed the most recent place I was at that used that system, ended up changing it to basically be a flat spending amount versus grouping into meals.

That being said, I'm not sure if making it a fixed spending amount (e.g. you get X amount of dollars to spend towards meals for the entire day, valid only at CP food stands/restaurants/etc) or a fixed amount of meals (e.g. Y number of meals for the whole day with no time restrictions) really makes a difference, though I'm also not sure if having the meals be time-restricted in the first place actually changes anything in terms of preventing abuse of the system.

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The 4 hour time interval (I thought) was put in place to prevent my wife and I sharing a meal plan. Because if it was truly unlimited then I could get multiple meals at once. But they wanted to be extra safe apparently and add the 2 meal maximum per day.

And for clarification sake, I only left the original meal after being denied out of confusion. I didn't know that was a rule, and so I didn't want to pay for an additional meal when for previous trip, they were all paid for with the meal plan. I left it to talk to my wife, who was also confused and went in to talk to a supervisor who also confirmed it was a rule we never heard about. When I left the meal, I had assumed there was an error in the system or the employee was wrong and my wife was going to fix the situation. But we were both wrong.

I can assure all of you that we'll only be getting 2 meals per day going forward. Don't get your undies in a bunch!

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