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Right next to Celebration Central, the former Hat Rack becomes the Button Stop, the hub of the new Cedar Point button trading program. Hundreds of designs, featuring current and former attractions, logos, phrases and more, will be available for purchase.

Get the full details on this and all of today's announcements at https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/150th-anniversary-announcement

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Can’t wait to deck out my shirt with buttons and then get stapled into a B&M with vest restraints.

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Hey, can I trade you my Cedar Creek Mine Ride and Chaos for your Power Tower?

That would suck indeed. If they had a Skyhawk button, I would want it so badly. Also I'd want Steel Vengeance and Magnum.

Honest to God, this announcement is eerily similar to a dream I had. In said dream, Cedar Point debuted trading cards of their rides and other attractions(other parks did the same thing, and you could trade with them). There were holographic variants(ride appeared 3D) and animated(ride was animated on the card), with only a select few rides being animated. I remember the animated ride cards were TTD, Maverick, Millennium, Magnum, Wicked Twister, Skyhawk, and Power tower. There may have been more. But in the dream I had all animated cards, and many pointbuzzers would often try to trade with me because I had all animated cards.

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I'd rather be sailing

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