Cedar Point 1968

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Awesome 8mm footage from 1968:

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I remember that sign! 8D It was still up in the 80s when I was little. Meeeemories.

Proud 5th Liner and CP fan since 1986.

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Thanks for posting. Very similar to what the park was like in the mid 70s when I started going. Interesting that some of the Western Cruise props were already gone by the time I first rode it. Looking back, man those paddlewheel boats were big. Probably cost a fortune to maintain them. Nice Frontier Lift footage too.

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Yes, I remember the old sign as well, it had a certain charm and character to it.

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Cool car they have, I think it is a Cougar, they had the front lights that opened & closed.

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That is a Mustang, the cougar didn't have C dents on the side and the tail lights had vertical chrome lines about two inches apart. The blinkers were the whole tail lights and would flash in sequential order from the center to the rear quarter panel. The module that controlled the blinkers was pretty large.

I only have 3 words for this video.

TREES, concession stands OPEN!!


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