Cedar Point - 1969

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  • Western Cruise
  • Classic Jungle Larry billboard
  • Quick peek at Scamper (in its final year)
  • Shots of the Main Midway
  • Riding the CP&LE as it leaves the Main Midway station
  • Piano player entertaining guests in Frontertown
  • Guests coming down the slide of the old Fun House
  • Television's Famous Golddiggers performing on the new Hippodrome Stage
  • A look at Cedar Point from the Space Spiral. It was shot into the sun in the late afternoon, but it still offers some great views of the midway. This portion of the video is slowed down just a bit to help everyone take in the details.

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Oh my gosh. It's almost shocking how different everything lo--

Hold on one second, I didn't get a clear look at the sign so I can't be certain, but... is that a cigar vendor in Frontiertown? Holy smokes, times really have changed.

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