Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Underated ?

I have gone to cedar point for many years and just recently rode CCMR for my first time ever. Now it obviously isn't amazing, but much better than i thaught it would be. What are some of your thaughts on this?

Sean M. Cole

Believe it or not, CCMR was one of my favorite coasters when I took my first visit to CP in 2002.

I just went on it again for the first time in a year or two, and I guess it was alright. I really only went on it to get rid of something as we went over the lagoon...;)

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Well it obviously isn"t a GREAT ride, but it was better than i expected. I heard alot of bad things about it from people but it turned out to be much better than i thaught.

Sean M. Cole

Haha, if you don't mind me asking, what did you want to lose over the lagoon ?

Sean M. Cole

CCMR used to be one of the only coasters I would ride because I was freaked about everything else.
The only part about it I really like are those turn spin things right before you pull back into the station.
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Magnum still rocks.

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i like it, i got my start on mine train coasters :) i especially like sitting in the front car on CCMR, you can lean forward so far that you dont see any part of the car at all, its a pretty unique feeling.

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CCMR was a great scenic coaster before Camp Snoopy was built.
I just love the view on the drop over the lagoon,

Sean M. Cole

the mine ride is my second favorite ride! i used to love the front seat but now i like the back seat better. I wish i could go on it right now.....
CCMR was the first coaster I rode after my initial frigtening ride on the Flying Dragon at Walled Lake amusement park. I refused to ride Blue Streak until the following year when a boyfriend convinced me to try it. So I still have a soft spot for it.

But if I had my choice, I'd prefer something more on the order of Adventure Express at PKI which I described once as CCMR on steroids.

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It was my first coaster as well. I enjoyed because it lack the big drops. It is the perfect starter coaster for people of all ages, not just kids. And for people who want to remove it to place another ride in its place should read this.

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It's not the fastest or biggest but it is a great starter coaster for kids tired of Jr. Gemini.
Yeah CP would be crazy if they ever took it out, But that will never happen so theres nothing to worry about

Sean M. Cole

The only thing I like about it is the scenery, with the lagoon and everything. Other than that I just ride it for the novelty. There's several places on it where you think you're going to drop and then you don't. It's kind of fun to pretend like you're all scared and freaking out. It also has some sentimental value for me, seeing as how it was my first coaster besides Jr. Gemini.

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I love my Mine Ride. :)

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I went on CCMR for the first time at night last Saturday, and it seemed like a good coaster for the absolutely no wait... I'd go on it again, if the wait was shorter than 10 minutes...
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Wouldn't Millie be Queen?????

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Seriously CCMR has, and will always be high on my list of coasters! It is where you can really phsyc up people new to the ride. It is where my youngest daughter finnaly threw here arms into the air, and let out the wwoooohhhhhhooo family battle cry! It is also where I first meet Rideman, and was able to "speak" with someone from this #1 board!

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CCMR picked up another devoted fan yesterday. My 5 year old son decided it is his favorite ride. Our 8 rides brought back memories from 30 years ago of me running as fast as I could to get back in line to ride it over and over.

For those of you who do not understand the appeal of CCMR my advice is ride it with a child who has never ridden it before. That is where the fun is.

i have always enjoyed the mine ride. it's the first ride i remember going on when i was a kid in the early 70's. the station house is my favorite one. it's nice to be able to look over and see the 'shine hillbillies doing their thing. though i don't notice it as much, i like the smell of creosote the mine ride gives off.

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