Causeway Island History

Question for my fellow locals... When touring the Maritime Museum on Meigs street, we came across some old newspaper articles documenting a Sandusky family who bought and tried to settle one of the islands the current causeway passes through. There were photos and everthing but the land was too swampy and the settlers had to abandon their plan. I have been checking but cannot find anyone who remembers this venture. I want to say it occurred in the forties or fifties. Does anyone here remember this?

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Kafralu Island. It was the subject of a #tbt on our Facebook page a couple of years ago.

In that post, we linked to the Sandusky Library, which has a really nice blog post about the islands origin and history.

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Thanks. I will go to the library to check that out! I'm glad someone knows I am not nuts....

"Forgiveness is almost always easier to obtain than permission."

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