Castaway Bay to remain closed in 2021

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The postponed renovation to Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark & Hotel has resumed. The hotel will remain closed in 2021 while the project continues.

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Wow! This is a bummer as they just were saying they would open in May....

The kiddos are going to be crushed!

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Castaway Bay requires quite a few Life-Guards. Perhaps with the inability to hire the usual number of foreign workers that served in that position, this allows them to utilize the Life-Guards that will be available at CP Shores.

I wonder if they are not only renovating the rooms at Castaway, but also the Water Park area as well. That Maui Sands video everyone saw showed how these attractions can deteriorate over time.

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That's what I wonder as well. Self-disclosure, we have never been to the actual park (although we have stayed in a room for lodging for other reasons). I was impressed with the theming-decor of the place overall.

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They aren't renovating the water park at this time. Only the rooms. There was some delays because the project had to be rebid partway through, as well as stopping for a couple months during lockdown.

There's now a lot of scaffolding being erected on the waterside façade of the Hotel. It seems the portion closer to the road has been completed. I am eager to hear what the newly-redone hotel will look like.

I know people are going to read this and wonder why I brought this topic back. I was just curious if winter chill out groups will be able to view certain areas of Castaway Bay for 2022? I know it's still under renovation construction, but maybe was curious how that worked.

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Yep, I'm wondering why.

However, if you are interested in hotel remodels not on the peninsula... wouldn't you rather see the Sawmill Creek progress?

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I would definitely like to see inside! Ive peeked in the windows of the lobby about a month ago a d it was completely gutted save for the ship.

Thankfully the parrot is still watching from its perch

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