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How many of you remember about 5 or 6 years ago when CP was in the news for lobbying at the state capitol for the legalization of Ohio gambling. I remember reading about this in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and it said that CP wanted to build a Casino at or near the park. Does anyone know what ever became of this?

At the dawn of the new millennium they all bowed down to CP realizing they lost the war.
The voters of Ohio voted down the resolution to legalize gambling. To add to your post, CedarFair never stated it would build a casino at CP. The general feeling was CedarFair wanted to be sure ,IF and I repeat, IF casino gambling was approved in Ohio, they would be sure to have the "rights" to part of the action. My feeling is the casino issue is dead for a few more years but I am sure Ohio will watch what happens in downtown Detroit and may try again.
First of all, the casino measure that Cedar Point was supporting never made it to the statewide ballot. Instead, another proposal reached the ballot, and was soundly defeated (something like 3:1) by the electorate.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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