Canada's Wonderland Pass Prices in Canadian Dollars?

Anyone know if you buy the season pass from Canada's Wonderland if its charged in Canadian dollars or USD?

If the charge is in CAD with the current exchange rates the gold pass with all park add-on is about $50 cheaper from Canada's Wonderland than Cedar Point.

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I believe that's the case, and in fact someone around here has done so for a few years now, if I recall correctly.


My Platinum Pass and Season Long Fast Lane the past 2 years were purchased through Wonderland's website. If you pay all at once, you get the current exchange rate. If you do the payment plan, each time your card is charged, it's at the exchange rate for that day. Either way, you save some money!

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Some credit cards have international transaction fees, so check for that. I know Capital One does not (just used it all over Europe).

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I did a comparison between for my home park with all taxes and fees...

KI Gold Pass: $112
CW Gold Pass + Passport: $172
KI Gold + Passport: $212

Essentially $60 more if I buy the Canadian "Platinum" pass. I was only planning on a one day visit to CP next summer but I'll have to consider this. For that price I may go for it and squeeze in a trip to Carowinds before the end of summer since the current deal is for the remainder of 2023 as well. I also didn't realize they're throwing in 5 Fast Lane passes if you purchase by 8/13. Hmmmmm....

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Yes all Capital One card have no foreign transaction fees. I also have a Southwest Priority Card and a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and neither of those have foreign transaction fees either.

The charge was in Canadian dollars instead of US Dollars. And the exchange rate is only 74 cents on the dollar. So I got like a 25% discount buying from Canada's Wonderland instead of Cedar Point!

Wonderlands prices are in Canadian dollars. The tax is higher and there will be a credit card exchange fee, but it still comes out much cheaper to buy it or renew there.

The 2024 All Park Gold plus dining and drinks was C$437 with tax at CW in Aug.

that translates roughly to about $335 in American after cc fees.

Remember any perks such as the free fast lane or being a friend are for the hime park. So if one renews for Canada’s Wonderland, but are wanting to bring a friend for free to CP, one won’t get that. That Hass to be factored in on the savings. Because one may be losing the free tickets and fast lanes

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I've heard the best way to keep a good loophole open is to talk about it online.

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What, like it’s some kind of secret? The thrifty have been taking advantage of that price difference for years now.

The taxes were a few dollars higher. I used a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees so not extra fee for that.

I don’t think Cedar Point was offering any extra incentives like bring a friend of fast passes that I saw so didn’t lose out there at all.

certainly worth the 25% discount!

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13% tax in Ontario.

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Yes the Canada's Wonderland Pass has a 13% Ontario tax; while the Cedar Point pass has an 8% Sandusky Tax.

From a taxing perspective the King's Island pass is the best as Mason has no ticket tax at all. (But the upfront cost of the KI pass was $11 higher than CW or CP.)

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