Can a 5'10 1/2/5'11 269 lb guy fit on this ride?

Title say all.

So I've been losing weight and I'm down to 269 maybe lighter.

My height is either 5'10 1/2 or 5'11.

Is this good enough to avoid a walk of shame?

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I'm 5'11" and when I was heavier at 275lbs, I could still fit on all rides. It was tight on the seat belt for MForce, Dragster and Twister. but never had to do the walk of shame.

My weight at that time was fat, not muscle.

It also depends on where you carry your weight.

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Well I carry my weight in the gut

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My weight was in the gut also, lapbar/seatbelts can get under that.

Carrying in the hips can be problematic

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The test seat outside the line will let you know if there's a problem

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Perhaps, but perhaps not. A friend of mine got the green on the test seat Saturday but then made the walk of shame when boarding. Honestly I was shocked. He's tall and somewhat thick but no where near what I thought wouldn't work.

For reference purposes, he also barely fit the Valravn "big boy" seat and got turned away from the Raptor one.

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Sounds like you will be around the Boarderline based on measurements. Might be ok with ride ops giving a little extra push on the lap bar. But no worries about seatbelts at least.

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I don't understand how there are still occurrences of people fitting in a test seat but not once boarding a train. How is it not as simple as making the test seat just slightly less forgiving than the actual seats?


Just from waiting in line last weekend for TT2 I heard several folks talking about the test seat. The actual ride seats are supposed to be more forgiving than the test seat. However the reality is mixed as one person fit the test seat but was not allowed on the ride. Another person said she barely missed fitting the test seat but they told her with a bigger push she should fit. She got back row right behind us and had they had no problems getting her restraint to work.

Anecdotal evidence at its best for ya’ll!!

The front of each car has slightly less legroom so if you are tall, your thighs naturally increase in size when sitting down. If you sit in the second row, you can stretch your legs out when pulling down making it easier to verify if you are on the borderline.

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Is this good enough to avoid a walk of shame?

Look at the bright side of all this. Now you have even more time to make sure the dreaded walk of shame doesn't happen.

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