Butler Street closure

I was at the park this past weekend and noticed an orange contruction sign as I was making my way to Rt 250 to go home that said that Butler Street would be closed for 30 days starting October 23rd. I'm pretty sure that Butler Street is utilized by the Cedar Point ramp off Rt 250 to get to the park. I assume most turnpike traffic gets to the park this way. So I wonder what the detour would be that could accommodate Cedar Point traffic, both arriving and leaving. Just curious as I'm planning a trip for closing weekend but am a bit concerned about this. And I'm wondering why they couldn't have just waited until the park closed for the season. It must be urgent.

Butler street will destroy your car nowadays, anyway. There's a reason it doesn't get used as much as it once did (well, that and people just take US6 to Huron instead).

Glad they are re-doing it.

The Butler St. detour going into the park is to go strait on Milan Rd (Rte. 250) to Sycamore Line and turn right onto Sycamore Line and then turn right onto Cleveland Road (Rte. 6). Take Cleveland Road to the park entrance. When leaving just reverse the detour.

Thank you. I checked a city map and that looks good. Is that the official posted detour? I assume there is a traffic signal at Milan Rd and Sycamore Line.

Yes, that is the official detour. And yes there are traffic signals at Milan and Sycamore Line and at Sycamore Line and Cleveland Road.

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I use to live on Sycamore Line, the short section between 1st and 2nd street. It was a nice area to live in and I still miss that neighborhood.

I don't miss helping you move in.

Worst stairs ever.,...

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MForce, not sure which direction you will be arriving in Sandusky from, but if you want to avoid the detour all together, hop on Route 2 East toward Cleveland, take the exit for Rye Beach Road; (Route 6 West) turn left at the traffic light, then turn left onto Cleveland Road; (Route 6). You will see a Shell Station on the corner. Then once on Cleveland Road, just stay straight on it until you hit Castaway Bay and then of course, turn right onto Cedar Point Drive.

It’s about 10 minutes longer, but you will avoid the detour and all of the stopping & starting; (traffic lights) on 250.

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Thanks for the info. I actually took my usual route and was surprised to find the Cedar Point ramp off Rt. 250 still open on Thursday afternoon. When I left the park today, then I had to detour to Sycamore Line to get on Rt, 250. Was that the original plan I wonder, or did Cedar Point convince someone to leave the ramp open through closing weekend?

The Butler St to 250 frontage road was closed this past week, next week begins the actual Butler St closure.

Yeah, I actually took that initially when leaving--ignoring the posted detour-- only to discover it blocked where you make the sharp turn. Only access was to that steel recycling business.

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