Bugs or heatstroke?

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What with CP putting next years' operation hours up so early (thanks, CP!), I've started thinking about things I usually don't start mulling over until February- that is, when to go. Seeing as I only get to go up once a year, what do you guys think? June is nice because the heat hasn't gotten so bad and neither have the crowds, but then there's the problem of the HUGE CLOUDS OF MUFFLEHEADS COVERING EVERY CONCIEVABLE SURFACE AND SPLATTING PAINFULLY AGAINST YOUR CLOTHES, FACE, AND HAIR ON MILLENNIUM. EWWW.

On the other hand, last year I went in August and while Cedar Point Nights were generally made of awesome and there was nary a lake bug in sight, the heat was thick and the crowds were thicker, making for a fairly miserable experience at the peak of the day when both were at their worst.

When do you guys prefer to go?

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Captain Hawkeye -

Maggots & Muffleheads? You must be an entomologist.

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I prefer the bugs over the heat personally. This past year we didn't make it out until mid June but only had problems with the bugs on MF at night. Let someone else act as a bug screen at night and ride further back.

My boys and I fallen into a pattern of hitting the waterpark in the morning then heading to the main park about 2.

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