Bug with misquotes & feature request

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Noticed this a few times recently w/ using the quote function. If I click quote on someone, sometimes the text input field disappears completely and this area responds to nothing (clicks/type/etc.) almost as if it disappears. I've also noticed this if I quote someone, delete the quote because I grabbed the wrong person, then clicked quote somewhere else. There's a few other issues with this field, but minor nitpicks that really are just whatever, nbd kinda stuff

Also for a feature request. The Recent area does auto update does show changes re: recent posts, however their order & blue/grey icon do not change. Is there a way for this to change the order/refresh the icon to display the updates easier w/o doing a full refresh of the page?

Also running Chrome 52.0.2743.116 m

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There isn't any re-do logic after you've hit reply or quote, so yeah, that's a known issue.

If you're logged in, the new post indicators should change color on recent, and order at the top. Can't repro.

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Gotcha, I've noticed it works here actually while I had this site up at home with no issue, but I've noticed it at work. I'll let you know what I get to see if I can find anything to pinpoint/resolve it

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