Bring a friend tickets no longer get early entry for platinum holders

For years I have been able to bring a friend with early entry. I have had a platinum pass for 13 years and it’s always been the case. However, I was told today by both a front gate worker and manager I could NOT. I explained that this is not “bring a friend” if they have to wait in the car. This was very disappointing as being a friend tickets are a great way to show people the benefits of early entry and get them interested in cedar point, to hopefully buy a future pass. I have had numerous friends over the years take that route. Also, my sister was let in at 9:45 by the main gate. The selective enforcement by first denying her and then accepting her early entry really made me mad. On top of cedar point not offering a fast pass for renewal last year for platinum users, the value propositions is dropping to make it not even worth it anymore.

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I understand the frustration (what's the point of bringing a friend if they can't get in early) but at the same time am a realist. Early entry is already pretty crowded with other PP members and resort guests. If every passholder there brought a friend, it would significantly reduce the early entry advantage.

Therefore, I'm sure the benefit of the bring a friend offer is designed to be discounted admission only and not any ancillary benefits such as early entry. I'd say she still did pretty well getting a food voucher for the day which would've cost $35 after tax. This is in addition to the aforementioned bring a friend discounted admission price.

I understand it was nice to get the voucher. But they need to make it more clear online when purchasing. It was buried in the tos. Also, I don’t think many people even knew it was a benefit of being a friend to contribute to a lot of crowding.

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So let me understand. This is a perk for pass holders (who get early entry) for a friend to get a cheap(er) ticket, but they can't come in early entry with you?

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Normally I'm a "read the TOS, buyer beware" guy, but in this case I can understand the confusion, considering this text on the Bring-A-Friend landing page (emphasis mine in both quotes):

Share in the fun and thrills with up to six guests at Cedar Point and take advantage of Passholder perks!

But then, when you go to purchase, you're met with this, which I may also have easily missed:

Share the savings with a trip to Cedar Point on the date selected ONLY. Valid for anyone age 3 or older. Ages 2 and under are free. Not valid for separately ticketed events, park buyouts, unless otherwise indicated. Limit six (6) tickets per Passholder, per day. Must be accompanied by a valid 2022 Season Passholder. This ticket is not valid for early entry.

Considering that early entry is a Platinum Pass "perk", it's kind of shady the way it's worded. They should make it clear on the landing page that this particular perk is, in fact, not one guests can take advantage of.


That is correct. The can go to the park with you, just NOT early entry.

I also thought it was shady. I read the tos before purchase (because I’m a nerd) but couldn’t imagine they would actually enforce this.

Well Brandon, I definitely agree with you there. I reviewed what you pointed out and it certainly is very misleading, if not out right contradictory. They should definitely remove "take advantage of Passholder perks" from the landing page and replace with "not valid for early entry."

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Also this is a change from previous years. It's always been included in previous years for the past 3 years I had a pass (I haven't renewed this year).

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I think I get it. You're supposed to go in early and point and laugh at them, mocking them for not being able to come in with you. After sending a few selfies of yourself in the 15 minute line for Millennium Force, they will be shamed into buying a season pass.

Makes sense.

In all honestly, it's just pretty stupid they can't come in with you, especially if they used to be able to.

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If they cannot use early entry, is there a single other pass perk that they can enjoy?

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Speculating, but I would imagine that of the listed perks, they could use discounts on food and merch, and FLP for the price of FL.


Yes this is a bad business move for CP, unless they realized that they were truly loosing money. If that’s the case then I can see why. However if you or your group can afford it, stay at a CP Resort Hotel then you’ve got early entry for the entire group.

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It's cute that the park thinks they get rides running with enough consistency in time for Early Entry to make it a perk worth advertising.

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Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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