Breezy forecast for Labor Day, not good?

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Was thinking of making a day trip up Monday but a couple of forecasts are calling for a breezy day with wind speeds of 16mph with gusts to 23mph. Seen coasters shut down on days when the wind forecast was a lot less and would rather shoot for next Sunday if a bunch of them are shut down.

What is your experience with winds in that range?

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TTD, Valravn, Raptor, and GateKeeper are all down for wind, making the remaining lines pretty long. It's a little on the busy side but it would be totally manageable if all the major coasters were running.

I was there Friday and Dragster and Magnum were down because of the wind.

Angierae -

We rode Valravn at opening, and I'm glad we did because by the time we got back to the front of the park (hoping to do Gatekeeper and Raptor), all three were down for the wind. Lines were fairly busy yesterday, but we scooped up a couple Fast Lane passes (something I only do once or twice a year, tops) and rode Maverick like six times, but I wish we'd hit everything in the front early and not waited. Ah well.

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