Breakers Suite vs Sandcastle Suites...with a baby?


Hoping someone can help me out. My wife, mother, baby (7 month old) and I want to take a trip to the Point this weekend. We will arrive Sunday morning and stay until Tuesday. I haven't stayed on site in years and I am curious to know if the price difference in a suite at the Breakers is worth it compared to Sandcastle Suites. The difference is about $200 total.

We want to have easy access to the park so that we can take turns taking the baby back to the room (to eat, nap, etc.) We also want to have the best access to the beach and pools.

I seem to remember Sandcastle Suites being a little further away from the park. Are the new Breaker renovations alone worth the price difference? Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Thanks in advance for your time!


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Breakers is much closer to the park, and much easier to get back to for mid-day breaks. Sandcastle isn't too far away, but if you're going back multiple times and you have the baby with you, etc.. I'd stick with the hotel that's almost in the park.

Captain Hawkeye -

If easy access is most important there is no doubt: Breakers by far.

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