Breakers. Resort fees? etc

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I'm from Australia coming in May. As I do my reading on different taxes and fees in the USA I keep finding costs that seem as though are hidden from plain sight unless you are a local you wouldn't know these extra costs existed.

Seems as though a lot of hotels charge something called a 'resort fee'. Can anybody tell me how much per day this is at Hotel Breakers?.

Also in terms of food after the park is closed. What are my options and are the prices inflated compared to if they weren't at Cedar Point?.

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I don't think there's that separate, add on, resort fee. The rates are high enough. Once you pay your "deposit", which can be the "full amount" you're done. Parking is free.

As for food after the park closes, in May it could be a problem. There's a TGI Friday's in the hotel, but my in experience early season meant the place closed right near park closing time, too. I was shocked and dismayed to find I couldn't get a drink. Prices there are slightly inflated, amusement park style.

People order pizza to be delivered and there are a few nearby local places you can get to if you're driving or taking Uber.
There's Perkins Pancake House off the hotel lobby for breakfast, but once again, check the hours. And it can be slow service in there. Don't let them make you late for your resort early ride time.

Shane Denmark -

Total taxes & fees are right around 14%, that's added on to the "advertised" rate. Pretty sure Sandusky has a "bed tax" or some other money grab like that.

As for food, I strongly recommend grabbing takeout somewhere and stashing it in the mini-fridge for later after the park closes, especially if you don't have a car. We were starving after CoasterMania! last year, and too tires to really drive anywhere off point after 18hrs in the park. We ordered Dominos and paid $43 for a large pepperoni pizza, a burnt brownie/cookie thing, and 2 liter bottle of Coca-Cola. I won't order Dominos at home because it is lousy pizza and even if we did, that order wouldn't have been $20.

Bluestreaker -

When you talk, or email, with the hotel tell them you want to know the total amount including fees and taxes. That way you will have no surprises.

As for food after the park closes. It is best to rent a car and drive off the point to eat.

samosuband -

Also worth noting, if you plan on ordering pizza delivered while staying in Breakers, Domino's is your only option. They have a legal monopoly where they're the only company allowed to deliver on the peninsula.

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