Booking CP Hotel Through Third Party Site

Has anyone booked a CP hotel (Breakers, Express, etc.) through Expedia,, TripAdvisor or similar site? If so, did you have any issues at the hotel when checking in or buying park tickets?

I normally book directly through CP but have a refund code that would knock $100 off the price. Thanks for any insight.

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I purchased through one of them two seasons ago. I had no problems checking in, and I believe they offered the ticket packages. You can always call the hotel and they will help let you know their current policies.

I would book directly thru CP- tickets were much cheaper when added to our reservation instead of the prices quoted when I called for buying tickets at the front desk.

Shane Denmark -

Depends how long you are staying. The 2 day ride & slide ticket is within a couple dollars of adding 2 days worth of tickets through the hotel.

Just be aware that you may not be able to book ticket packages if you book through a third party site. Also some hotels have started to not count stays booked through third party sites for rewards programs...

haiderodes01 -

Regardless of where you book, if staying at the CP hotels, you can purchase discounted tickets at the front desk at any time during your stay. The best part is that the tickets are good till the end of the season.

The only thing I caution is when booking third party, you will be limited if you need to make changes to your reservation on-site. You’ll have to go through who you booked with have their contact info handy if you have an issue.

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