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So we are planning a trip to CP this weekend. I have been to Halloweekends on a Friday before and it was great, no lines park was empty. My question is what is it like on Sundays? The weather is suppose to be perfect this weekend so will that make the park crazy? Please let me know what your experience. I am taking my 10 and 8 year old so I want to avoid lines.

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Friday nights are great. Sundays are great. The reason being that most of the masses don't want to waste time on a portion of a day (Friday) or a less-than-full day (as being open only until 8, Sundays are viewed).

Saturdays tend to follow the normal pattern the rest of the year does, i.e. busy in general, with weather being the biggest factor.

No the weekend of Sept. 26th. I am not worried about the short hours. Kids will prob be tired from walking so much anyways. I just remember going one weekend in October on either a Saturday or Sunday no sure when and we had to park in the last spot in the back row of the parking lot. Wait times for rides were 3 plus hours and the day was pretty much a waste of money and time. I don't want to do that again this year. So figured with High School football going on and all Friday night would be out best bet. Thanks for the info.

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You most likely went on a Saturday. The Friday and Sunday crowds are nowhere near that level.

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I agree with Thabto. Saturday, we got great parking upon morning arrival, but when we left 2 hours before closing, the parking lot was full. People stayed regardless of the weather conditions.

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I went this Saturday and like you said on Saturday the weather matters and boy does it matter a lot because it rained from 10 pm to 11 pm and from 11pm - 12 pm the park was dead on Saturday which is very rare in 1 hour i got on Corn stalkers 2 times, 4 times carnevil, 1 time cut throat cove, wax museum 1, eternity infirmary 1, hexed 1, and the last ride of the night for Millennium and on Saturday that is rare. I would look for a day that is raining for 30 minutes but wont effect the full experience of your trip and Friday is the best day to go. Sundays are weather depending. Saturdays are almost 95% crowded but you see what I accomplished in 1 hour I guess I got very lucky but I did pick up a penny with heads up on that day and took it with me around so I guess I had a luck force field that day. Anyway hope this helps you and when you do go to Cedar Point have fun, have a safe trip, and enjoy your trip!

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You must live in a different dimension because if you did all that in one hour, that's 5 minutes each with Hexed and Eden Musee being as physically far apart as possible. Amazing!

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You must live in a different dimension because if you did all that in one hour, that's 5 minutes each with Hexed and Eden Musee being as physically far apart as possible. Amazing!

I walked like lightning I guess the only part i had to pint to get on Millennium and I did. I surprised not only myself but you as well

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Maverick - "The West Was Never This Wild"

A good Halloweekends strategy for Friday PM. (all relative to crowd size though, but worked on 9/26/14).

It's all relative depending on if you have kids with you (the family friendly stuff) or you're just going as a couple sans kids (the haunted attractions).
This past Friday night 9/26: As a couple, we were able to get in all of the haunted houses and walkthroughs between 8-12pm. Didn't realize the haunts didn't open til 8.

Go in at 6pm and head for Gatekeeper (no wait) and then eat your food via park walk up stands, ride ID,walk around, etc.
See Midnight Syndicate show at 7:30, head to Hexed after that (will be your longest wait of the night at 45min.), go down Frontier Trail (thru Screamworks walkthrough)
then proceed to Cornstalkers (25 min.wait), then to Eternity Infirmary (10 min.), go past Mine ride and head left thru Tombstone Territory (walkthrough) to get to Eden Musee (12 min.), after leaving head across to Cut Throat Cove (walkthrough,no wait), go back up FT, to gemini midway (go thru CarnEvil, no wait) then down to Blood on the Bayou (again, no wait), then proceed to Eerie Esates (15min.), finish night with Zombie High (about 15min.) This will take you by the main gate to leave around midnight. Hope this can help a few!!

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