Best route CP to KI

For those that travel this route more often than I do......Which is the better route from CP to KI? I-75 or I-71? Seems about equal on time estimates according to Mapquest but I-71 looks shorter. Thanks in advance.

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Route 4 south, 23 south, 315 south past OSU, and 71 south

Rte 4 south through Bucyrus to Rte 23. South to Delaware, exit at 36/37. East to 71. South on 71 through Columbus to KI. Using this route you'll be around 4 to 4.5 hours.

75 is not close to Sandusky, nor is 71.

Shane Denmark -

I'm gonna piggyback on this thread and ask if anyone knows a good route from east of Cedar Point to Kings Island? I'm coming from Rochester, NY. Google Maps shows the shortest mileage routes. It that's not always the best. I remember going through the middle of nowhere from SFWoA to CP late at night back in 2003 following MapQuest. That was back when you printed directions.

CP Maverick -

Shane, if you are taking I-90 W, I would normally take I-271 S to I-71 S to I-270 W to 315 S to I-71 S

This also depends on what kind of construction is happening in Columbus this summer. That's why I started skipping over to 315 S.

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What's mapquest?

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Don't listen to RCMAC, Route 4 will slowly deteriorate brain cells and destroy all hope of making it. It's essentially just a giant straight-a-way going through stoplights and small towns (which are inherent speed traps--going from 55 or so down to 35 quickly--several towns have a cop right there and watch very closely).

My normal route:

  • Take RT-6 West
  • Merge onto I-75S.
  • Head down that long stretch
    • Go either all the way to I-275, then head East, and then merge to I-71N,
    • Or cut across earlier, say Tylersville Rd or even earlier to Rt-63
    • I'd imagine both options (highway mainly, or cutting early) are about equal in times due to traffic lights, etc.

The Rt-6 option does add mileage, but the ability to travel at a steady speed constantly, or even go over in certain places is more than enough. The fact that if you plot the route, it's two minutes less for the Rt-6 option than it does to take RT-4 South and then I-71 S

Plus, I'll be honest, on 75, in many places, 75+ is the norm, Route 6 I'd hold the speed limit, as I see troopers there quite frequently, and you do pass by small towns that the speed limit does change rapidly. However, it's generally 55 the whole way, and in some areas after you learn the route, you can get a bit faster, especially before you get to Fremont.

My drive using that route to go between the two I can generally make in 3hr & 30 min or so if I drive straight through. One time I swear I got it in 3 hours & 5 minutes, but I also was traveling close to midnight between the two parks and we held about 80 the whole way on 75.

I'd much rather have open highway, rest stops, food, and an easy way to go 80mph if I'd like, versus stop & go small towns with an increased risk of any ticket (looking at you Village of Republic--7mph over ticket). Plus with Route 4 that dumps you into Columbus, and traffic there can either be an easy push through, or you're crawling...

Just my thoughts.

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Cargo Shorts -

That is so true about Route 4, its worse than Kansas. Although I have remained alert enough to avoid the fuzz.

What route do you recommend if you are actually going to Columbus? (Near Polaris, so right between 23 and 71). I have tried the 250>13>71 route through Mansfield and it seems about the same, but has the advantage of a bit more 4 lane time.


I live in German Village, originally from Worthington. Back in the day it was 23 all the way to Rt. 4, but now that Delaware and Columbus have basically melded into each other it's nothing but traffic, subdivisions, strip malls, and stop lights all the way. Seriously, it can add 1/2 to 45 to the trip. I learned to take 71 to Delaware exit and over. Very few stops that way.

100% on the speed traps. I know the way so well I know what to do and when, but I'll admit I got caught on closing day last season by a state officer going the opposite direction. And it wasn't even in Attica, the most notorious of all. It was just somewhere along the rural. Ooh, I was mad.

I've been tempted, but I've never done the Mansfield route. It just seems so out of the way.

And how my usual path will fare come June when IKEA opens is something I don't even want to think about. Good luck up there, Cargo Shorts!

thedevariouseffect -

^Cargo Shorts, I've done that route only once. It wasn't too bad. The stretch from 250-13 is a bit of a straight, and some sections are very rural. I didn't notice too much off the time as I actually took that way home to Wright Patt once, as 75 had a huge bout of construction a few years ago. Maybe 15 minutes added as I didn't know the area and was driving it at night.

I still say 75 just because it's easy and usually on most of the route congestion isn't an issue until Lima & Flag City. Aside from that I can generally set the cruise to 76 or so and just go.

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