Best room in Breakers for Halloweekend Honeymoon?

My fiancé and I are spending part of our honeymoon at Cedar Point. I have been twice before with friends (and stayed at the crappy breakers express), and he has ever been. We want to stay at the Breakers. Which type of room would you recommend?

We plan on arriving on Friday, September 15, and being in the park that evening and on Saturday and Sunday. Since it appears we can't stay at the cedar point hotels Sunday night, which local hotel would you recommend for Sunday?


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In response to your question regarding alternate local lodging, my wife and I stayed at Captain Montague's B&B in Huron for part of our honeymoon years ago and we went back again for our 5th Anniversary. They have a nice private honeymoon suite. They are under different ownership now than they were when we stayed there, but I am sure the hospitality is still top rate. Obviously not on or immediately near to the Point being in Huron, but still quite close relatively speaking for anyone coming in from out of town.

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