Best place to get discount tickets?

My coworkers and I were thinking of planning a day trip to cedar point on Sunday, and were wondering what the best place to get our tickets at? I went a few weeks ago but got my tickets through the hotel. One of our coworkers is a season pass holder, so we can get bring a friend tickets, but would be even better if we could find something cheaper. Thanks!

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You can get a free ticket by donating blood at select Red Cross events but I wouldn’t recommend doing that right before you go. :)

The bring a friend price is usually the best. If you will have a second vehicle the Costco deal isn’t bad. 2 tickets plus parking for $99. I bought 2 tickets on the Presidents Day Weekend sale for $70 so my boys could bring a friend on a couple of trips.

If you think you might go back another day this season, the 2-Day pass for $80 or the same pass plus drinks for $90 are about the best deals out there. These tickets give you access to both parks on the same day and both visits do NOT have to be on consecutive days. They may even be used by 2 different people as long as they are on separate days. They sell them at Meijer so there is no online convenience fee added.

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Looking up I see the bring a friend discount is cheaper than what membership organizations like AAA or Costco offers.

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