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What are your favorite night rides and why? I'll be there for three days but just two nights and want to get a couple good night rides in.

Last year I rode Valravn at night and that was really cool because you get such an extended view of the park at the top. MF is awesome at night. I'd really like to ride Steel Vengeance at night and I've always thought Magnum would be cool at night because you're looking out at the dark lake. Windseeker is really cool for that same reason.

Special mention to Skyhawk which is crazy at night because on the upswing you feel like you're being shot up into nothingness.

Raptor is a great night ride. The lines are often much shorter at night.

I also like Power Tower at night for the great view.

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Can’t miss Skyride at night.

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To me, nothing beats Magnum at night especially when the CP Shores parking lot lights are off. Riding in pitch black along the beach just the best ride experience. Unfortunately, the CP Shores lights are on most of the time now so that experience is hard to get.

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I think my favorite night ride at CP is MF. The view from the top of the lift hill with the lake to your left is awesome. Magnum is a very close second, however.

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If one wanted to ride every coaster after dark, over a few nights, is it worth going in October for this very purpose? Has anybody done every notable coaster in a single evening?

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I agree with the millennium force and magnum comments as I love riding both at night. Last night I rode wave swinger on my way out of the park and thought that it must be one of the most, if not the most, graceful rides at cedar point. The glow created from its incondescent bulbs create a beautiful ambiance. I will be riding it again at night

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Definitely Millennium Force. Valrayn seems to be more special at night. Windseeker I like best at sunset.

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I love night rides. Kings Island has my overall favorite with Beast/Mystic/Diamondback, but CP's lineup is awesome.

My CP coaster top 5 would be:

1. Steel Vengeance (2 night rides last Friday)

2. Valravn

3. Millennium Force

4. Magnum

5. GateKeeper

Also love night SkyHawk, Power Tower Green side and Giant Wheel.

CP Coaster Top 10: 1. Steel Vengeance (40 rides to date) 2. Top Thrill Dragster (191 launches to date, 4 rollbacks) 3. Magnum XL 200 4. Millennium Force 5. Maverick 6. Raptor 7. GateKeeper 8. Valravn 9. Rougarou 10. Gemini

I'm of the same opinion with the folks who said Magnum, although I wasn't able to visit last year and the CP Shores lighting comment is a little upsetting. No matter how many times I've ridden it I still have that split second where I feel like the second hill is going to drop the train right into the lake.

I also enjoy the smaller coasters, CCMR and Iron Dragon, because they interact pretty well with their environments and they do not have nearly as much lighting as the larger coasters. For my personal taste in night rides- the darker, the better.

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Magnum at sunset is great. Looking off to the left and seeing the sky is a great view.

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Millennium at night is a great experience - as long as you don't front seat it early in the season. Otherwise, you run the risk of knowing what a car windshield feels like. XP

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Right now, MF is my favorite night ride at CP, with Skyhawk a close second. Haven't tried Magnum at night yet, nor SV (hopefully that will change soon).

In all honesty, the number one reason I go to HalloWeekends is to do night rides. I'm not scared easily, so I don't do much of the scare zones and Halloween events, even though I greatly appreciate them. Walking down Frontier Trail to get between MF and Maverick (and now SV) at night during HalloWeekends is just the coolest.

Visionist said:
If one wanted to ride every coaster after dark, over a few nights, is it worth going in October for this very purpose? Has anybody done every notable coaster in a single evening?

Might be worthwhile on a HalloWeekends Friday, but Saturdays are just so ridiculously crowded that you won’t ride much. When we go to HalloWeekends our itinerary is:
-Friday night: Ride, RIDE, RIIIIIDE!
-Saturday: Couple quick rides during ERT & morning, then shows & food throughout the day. If we happen to find a reasonable wait time for a ride, go for it. Check out the outdoor Scare Zones. We usually leave a bit early Saturday night.
-Sunday: Rides & indoor haunts.

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One of my most vivid Cedar Point memories is Millennium Force at night on July 4th under the fireworks.

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I would have to say the best night ride is Steel Vengeance.

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I already feel that Rougarou is a great ride, but I have to say it's a different wolf at night. Pun intended there. I rode Rougarou seven times tonight and even the other riders around me were saying it was flying!

I used to love Iron Dragon at night before Mantis and TTD, when the course was much more wooded. Its been a loooong time, but Frontier Lift at night was awesome. Magnum was great before the 1997 Soak City expansion, when everything after the 2nd hills was back in the woods, especially before Sandcastle was built. Nowadays, definitely have to vote for MF.

When I was a kid, riding the Space Spiral at night was fantastic. It took you WAY up and since the whole ride was "take a look around you", you could really absorb the beauty of the park at night. None of that "take a real quick glance to your left as the roller coaster crests the hills and then the view is gone" - you could really take in every detail.

I miss the Space Spiral for that reason. There really isn't another ride at CP that lets you do that. Giant Wheel used to, until they moved it. The view you get now doesn't come close the view you got when you were right in the middle of the park.

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Space Spiral. The Space Needle is in Seattle.

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