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I thought this would be an interesting topic for everyone. It might also help out the Google maps copiers and pasters who like to relocate attractions to see if they fit. Let's help out Cedar Point with this**. Jason McClure has stated that the park is always listening to its guests. Note: the entire PD article can be seen Here under this site's news forum.

In her (Susan Glaser's) Plain Dealer newspaper interview today with Cedar Point's GM Jason McClure, it was stated that the park doesn't know what to do with RipCord when it is taken out of the Challenge Park area at the end of this year.

Partly the article states:

..."Challenge Park's land will be split between the waterpark expansion and Hotel Breakers parking.

**RipCord, a high-thrill, swing-type ride, is the only Challenge Park attraction that will return in 2017, though the park is still trying to figure out where to relocate it." **

Here are my thoughts and suggestions to help the park out. Feel free to chime in and add your own suggestions. Here's some of mine:

A. Relocate this attraction to the new CP sports Complex, it seems as though it would fit in better there and fit the sports theme in that location. My vote is for this (A).

B. If you must keep this inside the park, relocate it to the current Point Pavilion section up front by Raptor and Blue Streak. It would be tucked away as to not block any views but still be visible enough to park goers.

C. Put it anywhere in the park BUT the former Shoot the Rapids site. Also please don't remove current attractions including Antique Cars to accommodate this and most of all don't mess with the Frontier Trail location.

D. Ship it to another Cedar Fair park that can use it.

E. Cut your losses and sell it to the scrap yard, ala Space Spiral and/or Wildcat.

F. Have your own suggestion? Post it now.

Chime in and Enjoy!

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I like the Sports Force park idea.

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than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

I like the Sports Force idea as well. Otherwise remove the beach stadium and swing towards lake Erie, or squeeze it over the lagoon between MF, ID, TTD.

Maybe once they rip the old water tower out they could possibly make room there?

They'd have to move some buildings

Maybe they'll use a little bit of room once occupied by Shoot the Rapids(R.I.P). I know you said not that area but that's my only thought right now.

I really feel like the best place is outside the current boundaries of the park. That could mean the Sports Force Park which I really believe is the best idea. I really, REALLY, don't want the Shoot the Rapids land to be used for Ripcord. I believe a major ride or coaster will eventually end up in that land and the Ripcord would take up a lot of that real estate. Ripcord is a ride that not a lot of people can enjoy. It is an extra charge attraction and its capacity is extremely limited. I would rather the land at Millennium Island and the former Shoot the Rapids location to be used on a coaster or ride that is included in park admission and has greater capacity. I like the idea of keeping Ripcord, I just don't see it being a good fit along the Frontier Trail. From my perspective, it doesn't really fit the Wild West theme, but that is the very least of my concern. I simply would rather see a future roller coaster on that land than an extra-charge Skycoaster...

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I'm sure the park has no plans to relocate it to the former STR site, they probably have plans for that area already, hence why they are still trying to figure out where to put it. Otherwise, they would have already said "hey we have this huge plot of land over here". My vote is for it to stay in the park somewhere, it still provides a nice thrill, and is cheap for passholders.

Maybe they could remove un-used queues from Power Tower, and put it in that area? They may have to move that one flat that sits across from Top Thrill Dragster over a little, but that could work.

How about the area that you go to Dinosaurs alive (old boat dock area) and have it swing over the water? That could work!!

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Honestly, taking out Dinosaurs Alive solves pretty much every problem. You could put a whole new park worth of things on Millie Island and really spruce up the center of the park. Is/was Dinos Alive popular? I went to the one at Dorney with my youngest brother and it was totally empty. Is Cedar Point's any different. If it's removed in the coming years then I can see big things happening there in the future. Maybe put Ripcord at Shoot the Rapids, keeping in mind the Dinos land will be free for future development.

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I think the Sky Coasters in general have lost their appeal. I've noticed business on them isn't what it used to be, and there's frequent sales.
They're giant, don't have a modern look, and use an enormous amount of space that I think could be used for better attractions. That giant one in Kissimmee seems to have miles between the two structures. It's over a fake lake.
I've been on one four times, once at CP, twice at KI, and once at Carowinds, and all four of them were the result of coaxing from others. I don't care if I ever spend the money on one again.

Having said that I'll concede that Challenge Park was a good location for CP's ride but now that all that's gone, in my opinion it can go too.

Now, Slingshots are another thing. Maybe it's because they take up nothing but air space and as time goes new models get taller and sleeker looking. The location inside the park CP chose for theirs is fine by me. I can't come up with a good place for Ripcord to go but the scrap yard. Sorry.

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Dinosaurs Alive will still be at the park in 2017 as it is advertised as a perk for the platinum pass. Of course things can change, but it looks like the dinosaurs are staying for another year.

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^^ well obviously CP thinks otherwise. Just because a few people don't like it, doesn't mean others don't enjoy it. People vote with their feet as the park has stated many times, and obviously it brings in enough revenue to relocate it and not recycle it.

IF joining the Gemini midway to the current Mean Streak area is part of the plan (and relocating P&D), Rip Cord could be on that midway (right near Slingshot- one booth could sell both tickets). If not, part of the Employee parking area behind Gatekeeper may work, but would displace employees parking. There is no other place in the park to wedge it in, except depending on how the new Mean Streak is reconfigured.
It wasn't important enough for the park to keep in its current location; there's more money to be made on that land with preferred parking than Rip Cord.

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MaverickForce95 said:

Is/was Dinos Alive popular?

Cedar Fair's current management is, clearly, extremely competent. If Dinos Alive wasn't popular, it wouldn't be there.

I went to the one at Dorney with my youngest brother and it was totally empty.

One visit on one day does not equal unpopular attraction.

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^^ It didn't fit the configuration for their vision for CP Shores, so that's completely different that not being "important enough". Once again, obviously it is important enough, or CP would just scrap it.

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Then what gets sacrificed? If another attraction were to be removed to make space for it, what should go first?
It appears to take up to much room to just be jammed into an empty-ish space. I don't believe it would fit the STR site.
Scrap could still be the best option.

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P&D knows how to wedge things in places we don't see possible.

Here's a thought: since Paddlewheel Excursions is no more, can part of the river be reclaimed/filled in? If so, I think that RipCord would fit in nicely at the T-junction in the river between the Dinosaurs Alive bridge and the CP&LE Railroad bridge; I've attached a photo of where it could go, and in fact, the rear section for the winch towers appears to line up more or less width-wise with the existing river. My image editing skills aren't the best, so I couldn't rotate the RipCord site, but hopefully it makes sense as to where it could go. It would be quite a bit more visible from inside the park, but the entrance would have to be from Camp Snoopy.

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