Best Day to Go?

Having a Platinum Pass we did a lot of Cedar Point this year.

We did our first Halloweekend and it was Friday, September 15th. I thought the ride lines were short. The Haunted Houses were INCREDIBLY LONG!!! We waited, well over an HOUR for the Freakshow.

The Corn thing line was way long too and didn't move for 20 minutes.

So, experienced visitors, what is the best day to go? I don't mind waiting, but over an hour is too long!


Sunday by far, but the outside scare zones don't open. Last night none of the haunted houses had lines after about 5-6pm.

Wednesday... very short lines.

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If you go on Wednesday this time of year, there will be no lines but 2 day wait times.

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Ha! It seems like you might've already been there for it.
Pick a really rainy, cold day if there is one.

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Usually when you go Monday-Thursday, the lines aren't as long, but this is when school and work has started up. It's not as long on Fridays, but Saturdays and Sundays are the WORST for lines. If I were you, I'd go for early entry and stay all day, but sometimes I go any day, but come back later in the day, because the lines are shorter. Also, if you're a platinum passholder, you get exclusive ride time on certain nights. I suggest you take full advantage of that.

Great advice. I think, however, the OP realizes that CP is currently closed for weekday operation and was asking specifically about Halloweekends.

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Very easy to forget that when it's 85 out. I wonder if the high temps will have any effect on attendance this weekend.

Beautiful weather usually increases it.

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Go on Thursday, get a super cheap room, party at Louie’s or crowbar. Sleep it off till noon, get lunch at hot dog Tony’s. Get early check in on point Friday, settle in and get early entry. Enjoy Friday night light crowds. Do early entry Saturday, when it starts getting crazy busy leave for surf lounge or TGIF until late night when crowd thins out and hit the park again. Sunday early entry, then checkout of room as the park closes the hotels early. And enjoy the Sunday medium crowds.

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I'm not sure 90 is beautiful the indoor haunts have AC? I'm guessing they probably don't so they're probably going to get pretty stuffy. They weren't horrible last week but they're had a chance to cook now all this week. Probably going to be pretty stuffy.


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Friday yes.

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Paisley said:
do the indoor haunts have AC?

Only Eerie Estates

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The Friday attendance here on Friday the 13th is way higher than the other Fridays I went in September. It is normally higher in October or is it because of Friday the 13th?

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I’m guessing it’s because some schools were off today instead of Columbus Day

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Ralph Wiggum said:

Paisley said:
do the indoor haunts have AC?

Only Eerie Estates

Kind of thought that. We did go on the super hot Saturday but not until evening to avoid baking in the sun. Some of the haunts were a bit stuffy inside.

CP Maverick said:
I’m guessing it’s because some schools were off today instead of Columbus Day

Why were the kiddies off 10/13 instead of 10/9? Part of the whole “Indigenous People Day” movement? Also did that have any effect on the notorious. Columbus Day weekend crowds? Kings Island was crazy busy that Friday & Saturday...

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It was NEOEA day, an inservice day for teachers that closes many Northeast Ohio public schools. Some years it falls on the Friday before Columbus Day. This year it fell on the Friday after.

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