Best Cedar Point Podcast Ever...?

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A few months ago a Theme park podcast called "Creepy Old Crypt" shared their experiences at Cedar Point. I was getting a kick out of the episode.

A few noteworthy things:

Usually, COC talks about Disneyland, Universal Studios, and California-based experiences. The show is run by Mega 64's own Rocco and Kevin. They typically film on location in theme parks.

-Rocco doesn't do coasters but he really enjoyed the sky ride and the train.
-Jonny thought his time at CP was better than Six Flags in Cali. He said Steal Vengeance and MF jumped up to his two favorite coasters of all time.
-All were pretty unimpressed by the new(ish) boat ride around the island. I have not been since SV opened so it was interesting to hear what first-time guests thought about the attraction. (It makes me miss paddlewheel excursions)

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Well, an endorsement by Johnny goes a long way!

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