Best bet for short lines and input on MF & TTD

Looking forward to my trip back to Cedar Point! I haven't been to Cedar Point since I was 12 (2002) and my husband has never been. I have a few questions...

1. We will be staying at the hotel so we will get in 1 hour early. I want to do all of the rides (especially the top rides) and curious if there is a "best path" to take around the park to efficiently do everything while avoiding most of the heavy lines.

2. If we go the first weekend of June, would that be a busy weekend?

3. My husband is pretty new to enjoying roller coasters. He wouldn't ride any rides at all when we started dating but he now enjoys rides like Montu and Shiekra at Busch Gardens Tampa! I expect he will enjoy many of the rides but I am concerned about the bigger drop rides like Millenium and TTD. If I have ridden a ride, I usually know how he will respond to them and give him a warning of what to expect (that's how I got him ridding the rides he does and I never force him on anything). I remember MF being pretty intense as a 12 year old but it has been such a long time since I rode it that I don't really remember it much. I worry about these because he isn't a fan of drops (or wasn't). A drop tower ride is actually what made him dislike rides as a kid. I'm not sure if I should encourage him to try MF & TTD yet. Any input here?

LunaD858 -

Not sure about the drops on the rides themselves. But for the best path to take using EE, I'd hit Valravn first (enter by Windseeker and run to it as soon as you get scanned through). Hopefully that doesn't take too long. Then stop at Millennium Force and then Maverick before the gates open to the general public. Then you can work your way back around to the front of the park with relatively short waits except for Top Thrill.

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If he likes Montu and Shiekra,he should have no problem with GateKeeper,Raptor,Valravn,Rougarou,Maverick. Then coax him into MF,if that's OK then TTD.

The 1st weekend in June is normally assigned to 'Coastermania' on Friday and the carry-over crowd from Friday for Saturday and Sunday would make the crowd larger than if there was not Coastermania on Friday,but nowhere near the crowd size of weekends in July and August.

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