Best Amusement Park?

They've lost their swagger, they need to go back to their roots to be the best, focus on rides not food! Just my opinion.

Need DK back!!

Agreed, I'd love to see Donkey Kong and the other vintage machines back in the Coliseum arcade, I'm sure they could be retrofitted for tokens or a Dave & Busters-style card tap somehow.

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An online fan poll is hardly an objective measurement of which park is "best."


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BlueGemini said:

they need to go back to their roots to be the best, focus on rides not food! Just my opinion.

No, no they don't. They're very well rounded at this point, and I'd argue that they still need a few more non-ride and food options to keep people entertained. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get your new rides in there, as well, but I actually like that they are definitely bringing back the "whole package" focus that they shifted to starting in the mid-2010'sNow, if we're talking about them running rides like they used to, and hustling crowds through - yes.

I miss the days of them being the "industry leader" when it comes to record breaking rides. It's what I grew up with and wish they'd focus on that. Sorry but the prices they charge for food certainly doesn't make me go "let's got to CP and spend a fortune to try some fine cuisine". They were not nicknamed "America's Roller Coast" back in the day because they offer "fine cuisine". Just my opinion, what I grew up with, all thanks to DK!!! Mr. Coaster War!

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I mean, the boundaries of what's feasible have sort of been reached - which is why they have to go with new spins on old classics. It's kind of like smart phones - it's kind of stagnated and everything has become a black rectangle with some sort of camera and ability to communicate and only looks slightly different if you get closer into details. They try something new every once in a while and it doesn't do very well because people like their black rectangles.

And the food under DK was beyond abysmal. I'm much happier with the current offerings. Believe it or not, people like things other than rides, and it's nice to have them taken care of, too.

I would argue that CP is actually not very well-rounded, at least as far as rides. I like the addition of Snake River Expedition, this helped the well-roundedness for sure. But they have NO log flume ride and NO dark ride. Plus if TTD does not reopen that makes it worse.

Yes I am one of those dark ride fans and I think CP really could use one. They could even kill two birds with one stone by making a log flume with solid dark ride elements (like Timber Mountain at Knott's). Or an indoor coaster. Or even a haunted mansion-esque type ride.

Either way I agree CP is becoming more well-rounded overall as a park but the ride lineup has some holes for sure.

Dick Kinzel is what, 81? I think he's perfectly content to stay retired at this point. The coaster war/"TAER IT DOWN!" mindset is what arguably first put CP down the path of chopping trees putting coasters wherever without really taking the surroundings into consideration, with Wicked Twister and Dragster being the two examples that come to mind the most... WT because even then it seemed really... random placement when I remember most folks just wanted DT gone and a proper beachfront woodie there, Dragster because while I'm not really sure where else you'd put it, it was still very jarringly placed versus the relatively grown-in Chaos/Dodgems/Troika area that it had been.

It always felt like taking the RCT approach to things, just to be able to say you've got more coasters than that park down the road (while SFWoA was still around) or than that park on the other side of the country that pretty much has zero overlap with your primary customer base. Though granted, at the very least, CP never did a straight-up parking lot coaster as shameless as Scream at SFMM.

I'd also argue that mindset is the main reason there's a big empty lot where two amusement parks used to be in Aurora, but going down that road is that's its own can of worms.

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Are you referring the the marine-wildlife park that was oddly placed in Ohio along with the way overbuilt-to-remain-profitable former six flags park?

Those two.... and DK is the reason they are gone?????

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

That Crazy Dan said:

I'd also argue that mindset is the main reason there's a big empty lot where two amusement parks used to be in Aurora, but going down that road is that's its own can of worms.

I disagree, those empty lots are because it was not the easiest place in the world to get to. Kind of a pain if you ask me.

Yes, and essentially, albeit indirectly, yes. Say what you will about the longevity of SeaWorld of Ohio and the independent Geauga Lake, but definitely there was no turning back financially once Six Flags came in and went bariatric-patient-at-a-golden-corral crazy stuffing the park full of rides. There's no way that wasn't a direct response to late 90s Kinzel-helmed CP and trying to take them on one-on-one.

Is Aurora not the easiest to get to? Sure, but neither is Michigan's Adventure and I honestly don't think GL was that much further off of interstates than CP is, and for a park that should've stayed more locally focused, I think it was fine. I do agree that I don't think there's any way SeaWorld stays SeaWorld into 2022, but I will definitely argue that a Geauga Lake that had never had the Six Flags expansion would still be viable in the area as a local/regional alternative. Maybe not as an independent park, but that's not to say they wouldn't've been picked up by say, Merlin or Reunidos.

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That Crazy Dan said:

but definitely there was no turning back financially once Six Flags came in and went bariatric-patient-at-a-golden-corral crazy stuffing the park full of rides.

So true and love how you described it! LMAO!!!

While I do appreciate the new food and scenery changes made in the last few years, I'd have to mostly agree with the original post.

(Possibly) Removing two of their biggest (and most unique) coasters back-to-back doesn't exactly do them any favors either... Just don't act surprised when you're not considered "top tier" any more.

All of the parks above CP on that list and pretty most of the top 10 would be considered well rounded parks and not just concrete jungles of rides so I don't think focusing on just rides is going to get them back to the top. I also think what e x i t english said with regard to the limits of what's feasible in terms of height/speed/inversion records has been approached for a while now is totally true.

I don't have any bones to pick with adding food options and non-huge ride options. I still think CP sort of lacks in fun attractions that the whole family can do, but they've been making strides. I wish they'd install a good dark ride. I wish they could find a way to offer more and better Live E in the shoulder seasons so that a visit in May or early June was comparable to one in the height of summer, but that's a tough ask when the staff is all seasonal. To me, those things should be higher priority than the next record breaker.

There are two things I think CP should "get back to." The first is an emphasis on efficient procedures when it comes to ride operations. When you look around, things aren't as speedy as what they used to be. They've been moving forward with making things faster with foods, but sort of going backwards with rides for a while now. The second thing is keeping more food options open during more days of the season. Again, I'm sure it's tough with staffing though.


I was in the park today and surprised to see the Red Garter closed and with a sign reading open June 4th. I believe it always opened with the park. I agree CP needs live entertainment during the shoulder seasons.

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Celebrate 150 (and now Celebrate Cedar Point) seems to largely shape how much of the Live E season is constructed and cast. The band for On Tap at Red Garter will likely be part of the band for Celebrate in the evening.

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

The Live E dept is made up of almost entirely college students, some of which are not available until the middle of May, the rest after Memorial Day. Give the first arrivals two weeks to get a grasp of what they will be doing, and it's Memorial Day weekend. Then the first group goes back to school mid August, the remaining after Labor Day. Unless they want to start employing professional (i.e. union) performers, that's the way it's going to be.

The fact that Sea World Orlando win this means it’s worthless poll. This is a poll where the same people can vote every day

The park definitely didn’t win that poll for rides. That park has about 10 adult rides. They charge extra just to ride the Skytower!

SEAS is infamous for cost cutting, eliminating attractions with no replacement, eliminating entertainment with no replacement, closed dining locations, partial/staggered park openings and short opening hours With higher prices

There is no way SWO is the best theme park experience

Whike some things Cedar Fair does are flawed (mainly closing parks fir low attendance) they are light years above SEAS and provide better experiences

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Dick overstayed his ability to lead by more than a few years, the last few of which were a disaster that almost left the company in the hands of private equity. No one wants that.

And come on, the USA Today poll is nonsense. It always has been. I mean, Swan & Dolphin above literally any of the Disney-operated hotels? Really?

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Yeah I caught that too. Very funny. Or the waterpark poll that had CP Shores higher than Volcano Bay. Seriously? I know it's subjective but there's no way anyone who's been to both would vote that way. It's not even close!

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