BBQ and Brew 2016

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Are you sure tickets change color? They told us if we had any left over, we could use them another weekend without problem

Yes, we had yellow Thursday and pink Friday. Thursday's wristband was neon green, Friday was red.

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I believe its as simple as exchanging your tickets, where tickets are purchased, for that color tickets that are used that day.

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

I went to Brew & BBQ on Memorial Day, and loved it! I actually thought the location was fabulous (granted, it was a beautiful day), and the food and beer selections were great! I ended up trying all but a few of the BBQ selections (Carnitas Nachos and Smoked Brisket were the highlights!), and plenty of beer samples. I was full when I was done with my tickets, and had a little buzz on to boot! (I recommend GateKeeper after getting a buzz on! Even if you're normally not a fan, I'm sure you'll love it! ;) )

One thing I would do differently next time, is not bother with any three ticket portions. While the three ticket beer was a fine size, the sampler size in the collectible plastic "mug" was more than enough to effectively get a taste of the beer, and you're essentially missing out on trying two other beers. And when it comes to the food, the difference in portion size between the one and three ticket offerings was not very big, essentially resulting in more wasted chances at trying out other beer or food!

I'll definitely make it a point to come back next year during the event, and if they have a newly renovated Mean Streak back there drawing the crowds, it should be a particularly successful for them!

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it still can't be very profitable to issue lots of refunds for inclement weather to the folks that aren't passholders, or who live further away and won't be able to make it back for another night to use their tickets.

Weather isn't a factor I had considered. However, the park doesn't generally issue refunds for inclement weather. This past weekend was an exception to the rule, due to extreme circumstances. Additionally, the tickets are a different color every day and wouldn't be able to be reused. Plus, they issue a wristband to people over 21. So unless you plan to wear the wristband until your next visit, you wouldn't be able to get another on without paying again. That's even assuming the wristbands don't change color from day to day as well.

I am well aware there are no refunds for the park due to weather. They have, however, issued refunds to people for the EVENT in the cases where they were cancelled due to weather. They were given the option of going another day, or if they were not able to do that, getting their money back.

I had my doubts about this taking place in Frontiertown, but it was amazing Sunday. Loved just walking around collecting beers. My daughter can only drink so many Cokes, and people were literally giving my their extra tickets. I have to say, a buzzed ride on Magnum is pretty awesome.

We did the first full week of June, and there's no denying the Brew & BBQ event was the highlight of each afternoon. (every night except when the storm shut things down!) The selection of brews was fantastic (and we missed very, very few), loved the dry-rub ribs the best although portion sizes were miniscule. For passholders, early entry, reduced cost for day-of purchase, and the Brewkettle Valravn beer (got to try a couple others with that ticket a couple of times) were fantastic. I do wish we'd had an option to exchange any unused tickets on a different day since we were there for a week, for passholders and resort guests. We weren't going to throw them away after all. The location was beautiful with plenty of seating (much shaded), and easy to come and go during the event - not penned-in as it was at the pavilion - it was much better there.

Overall, just a fantastic event! We've been 2 years running, and we'll plan on it for next year!

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That just means you didn't drink enough tasty beer ;)

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With the extra Valravn beer they threw in for season pass holders along with the ability to get in an hour early and not have big crowds to fight with, this really was a fantastic deal. Each of the four BBQ stations had two items to sample if I remember, so with 8 tickets, you could sample all of the food which was probably the equivalent of 1.5-2 meals anywhere else in the park. That leaves you 7 small beer samples or two big beers and one small sample, etc. Or you could just get five big beers with all of your tickets and forget the food. :) But the food really was worth trying. I don't think there was anything that I wouldn't eat again, including the Carolina BBQ which I thought I wouldn't like.

I'd definitely do it again next year if the price is the same. Although the weather doesn't always cooperate with having it in Frontier Town, the option to leave to ride a few things and come back with extra tickets later for a "refill" was really nice. We actually considered doing it a second day and just splitting a 15 pack of tickets between two of us, but it was much hotter and we were tired, so we decided to go for some AC at Quaker Steak instead, which was also really good this time.


Something I have been wondering with this event is that if a minor wanted to do this for the food, but not have the beer, would it be possible, and do they have the same number of tickets? Just a question from a 16 year old that loves ribs.

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Something I have been wondering with this event is that if a minor wanted to do this for the food, but not have the beer, would it be possible, and do they have the same number of tickets? Just a question from a 16 year old that loves ribs.


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Absolutely. Anyone can buy the tickets and use them on food. You have to get checked as Over 21 and have a wrist band to be able to use them on beer.

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