Bay Harbor

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Looking forward to grabbing a drink from Surf Side and relaxing at the fire pit with that autumn breeze off the lake in the evening.

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"People Gotta Eat" is a page out of the Rally's marketing strategy of "You Gotta Eat". Would Bay Harbor be better off serving big bufords and zesty fries?

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Also looking at the google maps photos, unless I am seeing something, is there a pool next to the restaurant? Who would this be utilized by?

Dockholders, as that is who Bay Harbor primarily serves during the season. The food has vastly improved there the last year or so. Bay Harbor stays open year round so that Management from other parks in the off season have a place to eat when they come to the park. Same reason why the Starbucks in the park is also open year round. Never a line at that Starbucks in the off seasonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

"Old people"...?

I’ve always heard that Bay Harbor does a good business with the locals on the off season. I once had a lady tell me that the only time they ever go to Cedar Point is during the winter just for Bay Harbor.


"Old people"...?

The ones that ride the buckets instead of the gravity zoomies.

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Plague on Wheels:

Would Bay Harbor be better off serving big bufords and zesty fries?

Yea big bufords kinda remind me of Heart Attack Grill's double bypass burgers. But no, I can't see Bay Harbor changing up their menu to a Rally's-esque menu. There's some places in (and outside) the park that serve similar items. And I imagine Cedar Point wants to keep their food options diverse for the guests. In regards to my feelings about Bay Harbor, I quite like it. The issue for me is it's expensive, so the family and I only go for special occasions. Went there to celebrate turning 21 last year, and it was delicious. While their food is good, the drinks are better.

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They can be tough to read, but I don’t think I’m wrong in assuming that PoW was attempting a joke there.

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Compere this to my latest Rally's receipt. I'll take the zesty fries anyday!

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Edwin must have gotten a very nice "gratuity" on that one!

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Drink prices are shockingly reasonable.

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^ No doubt.
Diner and drinks for 14 guests?? That's only about $55 each.
I'd say PoW got off easy.

No kidding. My last dinner for 4 in Vegas was almost $700 before tip and taxes.

To be fair, the food was FAR superior.

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The drinks might be low price but that's partly because they're crappy drinks. πŸ™‚

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Edwin pours em stiff though πŸ˜‰

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As for the swimming pool, Edwin sent Mr. Plague and his party out there after downing a few stiff ones. Mr.Kinzel and the "older crowd" watched from the windows in horror.


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