Basic Question: What Exactly Are the Storage Bins/Lockers

I haven't been to CP since I was a little kid (the Gemini was a pretty new ride for a time frame reference) and I've seen people mention Storage Bins at some of the rides to put belongings (hats, loose items, etc.) in.

This may sound a little stupid but what are they exactly? Are they in the cars, on the loading platform? Are they secure (ie you can put valuables in them) or are they a free-for all?

I'll be making my long-desired return to the park in August, and I know I'll want a hat for some sun protection, probably a phone/camera, and of course wallet/billfold. I don't want anything flying out of my pockets but I also want to wear lightweight stuff that will dry quickly after water rides.

Can anyone do me the kindness of explaining the process to me like I was that little kid again?

Edit: Thanks for the great replies all!

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Notice the bins on Maverick:

Generally each train will have their own bin and will be closed by one of the ride hosts as the train exits the station. The ones on Maverick (perhaps others) have seat belts basically that are used to lock and then a special key that the ride host uses to open with the next train comes in.

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The storage bins are in the station on the exit side. You can put items like souvenir cups, hats, bags, etc. You are not allowed to take items on Millennium Force, Gatekeeper, Dragster, Magnum, and Rougarou. You will be stopped at the ride entrance and asked to leave them in a locker or with a non-rider. There are lockers at the front entrance, near Gatekeeper, near Millennium Force, at the Shoot the Rapids entrance, near Thunder Canyon, and outside Dragster's entrance.

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Be aware that the lockers are not free, but an additional charge at each ride.

If truly all you want to have on you is a hat, phone/camera, and wallet:

- Stuff your hat down your shirt or tuck it in the back of your shorts as you get on the ride.
- Put your phone/camera in a pocket with a zipper or button (or velcro if you trust it) while you are entering the station.
- Keep your wallet in your back pocket where you will sit on it so it won't come out.

I'll add that if you wear glasses or sunglasses, get a strap to hold them on so you don't have to put them in your pocket where they may bend or break. You can get one at a big box store for $4.99 or so.

You are now ready to ride at CP like a pro.

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You are correct that a strap for your glasses is $5 at a big box store, but they are only $2 at CP. One of the few things I know of that are cheaper in the park than buying outside the park. Not sure there is anything else for sale in the park that is actually cheaper than buying outside the park.

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