August 4th - 6th

I'm trying to round up some friends for a trip to CP next weekend (4th - 6th). This will only be my second trip to CP. I was there for the first time earlier this year.

I'll be coming from Chicago, so it would be cool to meet up with some locals when at the park. Is anyone else from Pointbuzz going to be there?

Im not sure but I could be there saturday or sunday... depends if my friends still want to go.

Greatest post ever.

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Foreign spammers. They create what looks at a quick glance to be a legitimate post. The thought is that we'll miss it and mark it as read. Then they come back and edit the post with the spam links.

Seems like a lot of work for very little potential gain, plus it never succeeds. We're pretty good at whack-a-mole. :)

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