August 3-5th '09

I just made my reservations for August 3rd-5th. I know it's a way away but, I'm excited! We are taking our 10 year old daughter for her first Point trip. So far she loves coasters but, i guess we will see how she can hang! I know it's early but is anyone else planning a trip around these dates?

I actually have Aug. 3rd circled as a visit, my son's birthday, so we were going to take a day and go to the point.

I am planning a trip every 2 weeks, and the 3rd falls on one of those weeks.

it will go something like this...

May 16th, May 30th, June 12th-15th (not cedar point), July 3rd (me getting older birthday), July 15th, Aug 3rd, Aug 22nd, Sept 5th (unless they are closed-i'll shift the day one way or the other) Sept 19th, Oct 3rd, Oct 17th, Oct 31st are my preliminary days.

I have to throw in 2 visits to Kings Island

And some other mid week days, take a day off of work visits too. :)

Just checked, they are open on the Sept 5th, so I'm good. :)

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GATEKEEPER-I came, I rode, I was mildly disappointed; until a second ride (rear left) put GateKeeper back on's a nice ride list.

I think I lurk more than post on here, but I'll be there from July 31-August 5 (1/3 of the day on the 5th max). My friend that was going to be there with me that long wasn't able to get the 4th or 5th off, so I'll be riding alone those days :)

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