August 1st - 5th 2018

Hey hey. It's that time of year again. We booked our room at Breakers for this summer's trip, from Wed. (8/1) to Sun. (8/5) so if any of you regulars here will be there and want to meet up for a pint or two, let me know! This year, instead of Kings Island before CP, we will be driving from Pittsburgh down to Kings Dominion. We will probably head to the KD area on Saturday evening, hit up the park on Sunday and Monday, and then start our road trip back through Pitt towards CP on Tuesday. That's the initial plan, at least. We did a full day at Kelleys Island last year, but will most likely return to Put-In-Bay as our day off from the Point this season. Having that ferry come straight to the CP marina is so clutch.

Alright, post here if you think you will be in the area!!!

Cool, more drinks at Surf Lounge for us! :)

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