Aug 2nd-6th

Just throwing this out there to see who else might be in the CP area the above posted dates. We are heading to Kings Island on the 30th and after a few days there will be on our way to Sandusky that Tuesday. I would imagine there will be quite a few breaks at the Surf Lounge to have some beers on the beach during our stay, so if anyone else is going to be around, let me know!

Also planning on taking the ferry from the CP Marina over to Kelley's Island one of those days as well. So if any of you guys have any good inside info on must check out stuff out there, please share!


I could spend a week on Kelley's Island sitting on the beach. haha

Papa T's ice cream and the Brewery are a must, though. If you have the energy it's a good bike ride around the island too.

Thanks man! Kelley's Island Brewery is already on the list! We had our day off from the Point last year at Put-in-Bay and figured Kelley's Island will be a bit of a change of pace for this year.

Try the Pump for lunch or dinner. Great fish and the Brandy Alexanders are a must. The Kelleys lsland General Store has the biggest selections on the island.

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