Aquatic Stadium

Would anyone else be in favor of them bringing back an aquatic stadium? I miss the good old family shows. I know they had to change it up to get something new in there, but I think it's time to bring it back and introduce a whole new generation to it.

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If I recall correctly from reading John Hildebrandt's book, the stadium was built at least in part as a response to the heightened interest in sea life following the huge success of Jaws in 1975. It was very much a product of its time, and probably better a fit at zoos rather than an amusement park.


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Marine animal shows are exercises in cruelty, anyhow.

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To be fair, they had diving shows, extreme sports shows, and other things that didn't involve marine animals in that stadium.

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Not until we get our Log Flume!

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I threw a little party in my head when they got rid of that stadium. I know it served a purpose in its heyday, but I'm not sure the Cedar Point crowd is there for a Seaworld show, and I'm also not sure Cedar Point wants to get in the "parks with coasters and animals" game.

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Cargo Shorts said:

Not until we get our Log Flume!

I'll compromise.... the log flume ends at the new aquatic stadium and you become part of the show.

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Hey, if you're feeling nostalgic, just go to Google Maps and do a search for Cedar Point. The satellite result still shows the aquatic stadium!

Do an aquatic stadium and log flume combo. The logs could go thru glass tunnels with the aquatic life around the outside. The final splash down could involve alligators somehow.

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Kevin, they seemed to be ok with that for a while. I do remember enjoying Jungle Larry's. I would agree that they have definitely moved away from managing animals. And can totally see why. The seasonal nature of the park, the animals always needed to be moved in and out. Does anyone know where they keep the livestock from the petting zoo in the offseason?

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I always assumed they were used in the Slaughterhouse for the grand finale on closing weekend.

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... and served up the following season.

vwhoward, the Barnyard stuff is basically contracted out to Honey Hill Farm in KY.

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Oh believe me, I loved Jungle Larry's as a kid, and I remember the dolphin shows as well. Great times and great fact I think for a time Larry was maybe my favorite part of the park aside from the Pirate Ride and the giant slide.

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Jungle Larry's was a cool attraction, and seemed large as kid. I always thought of it as CP's version of Adventureland.

Cedar Fair didn’t want the animals when they took over SFWoA, and that was a full-on SeaWorld park with top-of-the-lime facilities. I don’t see them going down that road now.


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