Anybody Going Friday 6/29?

I'll be at CP on Fri 6/29 riding by myself, and I was wondering if anybody wanted to meet up? I could use a coaster buddy! :) *** Edited 6/26/2007 9:47:55 PM UTC by Rydel27***

i will be at cedar point on july 21st. 2 bad you are not going then. because me and my friends need 1 more person to ride with us to make it four, so no one is riding by themselves. i went 2 cedar point 3 years ago by myself. i still had fun but its not same riding alone compared riding with friends. good luck finding a coaster buddy. also can anyone tell me what is like riding maverick in the front seat, or what is the best seat on the coaster?

The front is the seat I liked best. It has the best views of course and there's nothin else like it

1) Maverick 2) Millennium Force 3) Top Thrill Dragster

OK, after arriving at CP at 7:30pm, on Sunday, June 3rd (very rainy day if any of you recall), my husband and I were virtually the only ones left in the park since it apparently rained all day.

We knew the rain wasn't supposed to last much past 8pm, so we stuck around for Maverick to open, and by 8:30pm, it finally was.

We rode this ride several times, over and over again, testing each seat to decide where the best ride could be achieved.

And like in most roller coasters, we discovered the BACK of the Maverick was definitely the best.

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