Another Entry!

If you go over to Cedar Point's homepage, there is another MF entry. Sounds like mother nature needs to cooperate more to keep us happy...
Looking at this morning's webcam picture, it looks like the weather is just what the doctor (or the engineer) ordered. That's the first time in quite awhile I've seen a blue sky as a backdrop.

Duane Cahill
But overall, the weather has been very accomodating this fall. I remember getting some nasty snow storms in November. I think the are on or even a little ahead of schedule. I didn't expect the lift hill to be done by the end of the year.
Bryan it says that even though the track won't be up, and the TRAINS WILL NOT BE RUNNING that they will test the lift. They have to know how to turn it on, and do some other things. When everything is complete then they will RUN THE TRAINS TO TEST THE RIDE. You can't run the trains if the track isn't up yet.

Mantis How Much Can You Stand?

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