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Any chance Cedar Point will ever offer a all season fast pass? Valleyfair and Carrowinds are offering them this year.

That would be awesome. I can't believe it only costs $125 at Carrowinds for a whole season of fast pass. People would pay much more than that at cedar point and call it a bargain.

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I would never say never, but Jason McClure was asked this question at the RWC Christmas Party and his response was that there was no chance of that happening at Cedar Point. This is something that they are rolling out at some of the smaller parks. I doubt you will ever see an all season Fast Lane at the 4 largest parks.

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Yeah, at a park where ~45% of turnstile clicks are from pass holders, an all season FL would have to be incredibly expensive in order for it to not get out of control.


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I haven't gone through all the websites but I did see that they were only selling a limited number of season long fast lane, I believe at Carowinds at least.

I definitely feel there should be only a limited number sold no matter the park. And frankly I was surprised to see prices that I would consider too low for such a pass.

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Carowinds hasn't had lines longer than 30 minutes every time I've gone....

I saw that Kings Dominion is doing it as well.

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If they were to add this at Cedar Point without serious limitations on the number of rides you could get per visit, I think I would just invest in jet skis and camping gear.

The only way they can introduce this at Cedar Point is if it were around $600-700 if not more. Otherwise you'd see Fast Lane lines approaching hours wait and then they'd have to introduce FastR Lane... eeessh, when will this all stop!?

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If they actually put a reasonable limit on how many they sold it wouldn't be that bad. Maybe 500

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For season pass holders, the best time to go is the beginning of the season (May / early June) and again at the end of the season (August 20th - Sept), when the schedule is 10 - 8. Weekdays are obviously better than the weekends. Students are still in school or going back to school. I realize that this is not possible for everyone. Even though the park hours are shorter, the lines are also shorter. These are days when fast pass is not even necessary.

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What would possibly work at CP is a package of Fast Lane Plus passes at a discount. Maybe something like a 5 pack for $250.

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$50/each?!? That's way too low.


Interesting idea. Especially if it was tied into your pass so that you could only use one a day and exclude Saturdays like they do with the free FP for renewing.

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Putting restrictions on fast lane passes you purchase would not go over as well, if at all, as on the 'free' pass they give with renewal.

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I agree XS but considering the discount you are getting I doubt there would be that much of an issue. On top of that nothing is stopping someone from buying a FP on a Saturday, you just can't use the bundle.

In my case the 3 trips I take a year totaling around 9-10 days only a few of them, generally Saturdays I purchase a pass. Giving me an option to use the bundle on days I normally wouldn't get one nets CP money they wouldn't get from me otherwise and on a Saturday I would just fork over the 100+.

While I'm not the definition of an average CP customer in my case they would net more money from me overall with Pete's idea.

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